Top 3 white magic spells- find a real spell caster

Top 3 white magic spells- find a real spell caster

Top 3 white magic spells- find a real spell casterWhat is white magic? These are spells cast for the benefit of others and not for one’s self. They use energy, love and they also respect the mother nature. Since Wicca and white magic are based on the same principles, they are almost interchangeable although Wicca is a religion while white magic is kind of magic-making. Not all Wiccans cast spells and not all witches who engage themselves in white magic consider themselves members of the Wiccan community. They, however, possess similar core beliefs.

What’s the reason white magic is linked with the color white? This is just because of history where white has always been associated with good and black with evil. So in the same way, we associated red with love or green with the environment. Quite a number of these colors just relates to nature.

White Magic vs Black Magic

White magic is known for the magic of good while black magic is regarded as the magic of evil these comprises of magic such as voodoo and Satanism. It is used to pursue selfish motives without caring about others. Individuals just use it to describe the magic that is morally unacceptable since the term is quite broad.

Black magic is destructive and takes energy away while white magic creates that positive energy that uplifts, grows and supports. However, these definitions are often disputed.

Is it a white magic spell?

The only way to determine if a spell is white is by looking at the Wiccan Rede. The central tenet of the Wiccan faith and Wiccan spells are outlined by this wisdom.

In short, this means that, as long as your actions don’t cause pain to other people or things, you can act the way you want. This, however, leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Ways of keeping the white spell

Cast the spells on yourself

Cast spells on others only if they want

Add ‘An it harms none’

What you can rather do is send the past lover beams of your love and light. This is likely to make them remember you and feel the love again and make them look for you if they miss you. Nevertheless, they have control of this and do not force them if they don’t want.

You can still, however, be careful here. What if you’re the one who caused them pain and receiving your love and memories just causes them pain and hurt in the current relationship? This will not be seen as white magic because it doesn’t follow the rule of harming any.

The only way to know if a spell is white is when you cast it on yourself and it affects you only or if you cast it on someone else with their full permission and it affects that individual only.

Spells are generally safer if they are not particularly at one individual. You can bring prosperity into your life if you cast a spell to attract abundance. However, casting a spell at work to get a promotion may harm someone else who let’s say was to get that promotion. it means you meddled with the natural order of things to act in your favor.

White spells frequently specify in the spell itself ‘an’ it harms none’ at the end of the spell. You are safe within the realm of white magic if you specify no harm in your spell since you know your intentions are pure.