Symptoms of a Love Spell

Love Spell

Love spells are one of the most powerful magical interventions and they are highly popular. It is important that you know the mental and physical symptoms of a love spell in case you happen to be under one. Most people under a love spell will feel a strong desire to see someone they had previously walked away from or were never close to and feel a great need to go search for this person, see nd talk to them, and touch or hold onto that person after they were located. These may be signs of a love spell, but they are also the feelings someone truly in love has with a natural love. This is in part because a love spell creates the perfect conditions for love to blossom with the only difference being the level of “need” to be with the person. This is known as red magic.

Black magic also has love spells, but those who resort to black magic for love do so without creating a permanent bond. The love bond will expire within a few weeks, sometimes a couple of months, after being cast. The overall process is quite different. Black magic love spells impose a bond on the target and “obliges” them to have certain passions, feelings, and motives with a high price. The biggest issue is that black magic produces negativity for the one ordering it and this can have dire consequences. The stakes are high with black magic.

When a love spell has been cast, you may not notice any changes, but others will notice and comment on how different you are compared to before. Below, we have shared several symptoms that may indicate you are being affected by a love spell.

  • Desire to be Together – When you are truly in love you want to be with that person, but when under the influence of a love spell, you will have a deep need and will not be calm until that need to be near is met. You may feel totally devastated if you are not close to the person.
  • Pessimism – A man under a love spell will have a mood change overnight. He may normally be a relaxed. laid back type of person who is suddenly nervous, restless, and ending up exhausted. Everything will irritate him and he will want limited communication with everyone until the “love” comes back into his life.
  • Depression – Those under a love spell will feel that life is meaningless when not with the other person. They may start to see life as boring and tasteless, mundane.
  • Work Problems – Someone who is normally highly creative and loves learning, work, and discovery may suddenly lose that passion as a sign. This can lead to being fired or experiencing a decrease in salary because they simply cannot concentrate.
  • Fatigue – People under a spell tend to feel tired and fatigued without reason. This is due to not being able to sleep unless the one the spell is for is with them. When they do sleep, there may be nightmares or a feeling of being watched or haunted.
  • Health Issues – Health issues, like addictions, may arise. Those feeling stressed often turn to drugs or alcohol and being under a spell is stressful.
  • Controlled – The person under a spell is being controlled by the one ordering the spell. The spell holder’s word becomes priority and law.

Nothing can be said with full certainty in this life, so these signs are not definitive, but point in a specific direction. Love is not supposed to be frustrating but a spell causes it to be. True love will bring balance and happiness through real connection.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you think you may be under a love spell, ask yourself the following.

  • Do I feel uncomfortable or weird lately?
  • Have I suddenly started thinking about a past romantic relationship?
  • Am I more fatigued than normal?
  • Do I feel like I should reconnect with an ex?
  • Am I having odd, unexplainable dreams more nights than not?
  • Is there one recurring person in these dreams/nightmares?
  • Am I more anxious than normal?
  • Am I thinking about an ex all the time?
  • Am I suddenly meeting with someone more often, even if unintentionally?
  • Am I suddenly feeling sexually attracted to those I was not attracted to before?
  • Am I in general discomfort with muscles aches without reason?

If you can answer yes to the majority of these questions, then you may be under a love spell. This should never be ignored. Love spells are meant to lure a lover. Powerful love spells can activate coercive action in the receiver, though the intention is not to damage. Still, an unnatural bond can be created. Be careful and work with a professional if you need a love spell or feel you are under one.


  1. The list of questions provided to assess whether one might be under a love spell could also serve as a checklist for mental health evaluation. It’s crucial to approach such symptoms with a balanced view, considering both magical and psychological explanations.

  2. The concept of being controlled by an external magical force is quite unsettling. It begs the question of consent and ethical implications surrounding the practice of casting love spells.

  3. The symptoms described in the article bear a striking resemblance to signs of actual psychological conditions. It would be prudent to consider both perspectives.

    • True, the overlap between the symptoms of love spells and psychological states like depression or anxiety is noteworthy. It raises questions about the differentiation between the two.

    • Indeed, it would be interesting to explore how much of these symptoms might be placed under the umbrella of psychosomatic responses triggered by belief in the effectiveness of these spells.

  4. While the idea of love spells is intriguing, I wonder how much of it is influenced by cultural narratives and folklore. The psychosocial aspects seem to play a significant role.

  5. The delineation between red and black magic love spells is quite fascinating. It’s interesting to think about the psychological and physiological impacts these spells might have on individuals.


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