lovespells1Love spell — a conscious energy influence on the aura of another person, in order to awaken in him reciprocal feelings. (Through the magic voodoo spells to love reading, and other traditional methods of modern witchcraft or psychic).
With the help of different tools can be called love magic light and love interest, Kindle animal passion fill suhotu. Depending on the methods and factors specific situation results of such magic can be quite different.In this article, you’ll find out what the love spell is, how it works, what its symptoms and consequences are. I will give you my advice and recommendations on how to put a love spell on your own.

1. What is a love spell? Facts and scientific studies.

The conception of “love spell” is closely connected with the term “telepathy,” which means the ability of the brain to communicate thoughts and feelings by means of other than the known senses. This phenomenon has been studied by scientists for many years. The first experiment to confirm the ability to communicate feelings and images was carried out in 1931 by an American journalist Upton Sinclair. The results of his study were presented in his Mental Radio. Later this ability was confirmed many times by different studies. Thus, in 1937, writer Harold Sherman and researcher Hubert Wilkins carried out an experiment that spanned five and a half months. Sherman was in New York, while Wilkins was in the Arctic. Every day, Sherman, who had been having “abilities” since he was a child, sent mental pictures to Wilkins. They both drew their visualizations on paper. As it turned out, 86% of the drawings were similar in their meaning. Since then, a bunch of laboratory and field researches of psychokinetic influence at a distance have been conducted, which proved the ability of the brain to communicate thoughts and feelings to another brain or organism.

Well, what is a love spell from the point of view of science?

A love spell is a powerful psychokinetic influence on a person and his thoughts in order to excite in him the feeling of attraction to another person, which is the subject of a love spell.

While casting a love spell, the object is communicated “pictures,” images and emotions, connected with strong feelings of love. Thus, he is slowly urged to have the right feelings. This is why the spell caster always needs pictures of both parties. Besides, the more photographs he has (preferably, recent ones), the better.

2. What makes a love spell powerful and last long? Can a regular person cast a love spell?

The power and duration of a love spell depends on the natural endowments of a spell caster, his skills (which he can keep developing) and the will of the object of the love spell. Every person is capable of casting a love spell, as we all are gifted in some way in this respect, but he will have to say certain words (spell) and perform certain actions (rituals) to help him focus the energy. However, the love spell will unlikely be very powerful. A trained spell caster with good natural endowments can cast a love spell by simply focusing his attention on the photograph without saying the words and performing the rituals.

Wicca-love-spell-for-singlesNevertheless, many spell casters still use rituals and words for better energy concentration. They also use different objects that belong to the object of the love spell (hair, nail clippings, articles of clothing, etc.) to make the influence more powerful. Or they can con the object into drinking or eating “part of himself/herself” (such as menstruation blood, water or an apple with the energy of the spell caster put into it by means of special rituals).

3. Do love spells always work?

No, not always. If the will of the object of the love spell is strong enough, while the natural endowments of the spell caster are poor, the love spell may fail to work, even if put properly. Also, it’s a waste of time putting a love spell on famous people as most of them have personal spell casters protecting them. It’s an absolutely necessary precaution for such people, since, as a rule, all of them have plenty of “fans” longing for their love.

4. Consequences of love spells. What is a “black” and “white” love spell?

Distinction between “black” and “white” love spells is very relative. Love spells differ in the power of their influence on the object. The more powerful a love spell is, the more powerful its consequences are. As Newton discovered, to every action there is an equal reaction. In magic, it’s called “payoff,” a sudden negative influence directed at the spell caster.

“White” love spells are put by using natural forces. These are spells that don’t do harm to people. It means families and relationships don’t get broken.

“Black” love spells are considered powerful love spells with serious negative consequences (cemetery love spells, menstruation or Gypsy love spells).

5. Symptoms of a love spell.

99238f5fffd4eb8f36ebb42311843978All people who have been put a love spell on behave in about the same way. They often feel the influence but can’t do anything about it. Read more about the symptoms of love spells and how to find out if you have been put a love spell on in other articles of mine.
6. How to put a love spell on a person.

Any person can put a love spell on another person. There are special rituals and spells which help a spell caster concentrate his energy. If the will of the object is poor, his feelings can be easily influenced even by an amateur. Yet, it presents danger to both the spell caster and the object. Before casting a love spell, make sure you’ve read the consequences of love spells part of the article. Types of love spells, rituals and recommendations can be found in the love magic section.

7. How to remove a love spell?

Just like a person can concentrate his energy using special spells and rituals to put a love spell on another person, so can he try to remove a love spell. Anyway, the ritual will work if the energy of the one removing the spell is stronger than that of the spell caster. If a love spell is put by a talented spell caster with a broad experience, even a stronger spell caster is required.

Is a happy ending after the love spell?

love-spellsOf course, otherwise this magic was not as popular, relevant and necessary for all human history. If people are compatible, even talking in a friendly way, and the action carries a professional (without the help of black magic, making the prediction of pre-forecast by confirming the need for this step), there is every chance that arose after the love spell — ie energy correction, feelings here to stay, and the family only more stronger, becoming a healthy cell of society. In fact, the only literate spell helps to adjust the subtle bodies of two people (their energy) for a harmonious perception of each other, both men and women (which probably would have happened even in the usual way, as applicable, and other conditions — for example, if left alone for a long time) when activated natural need of living beings in procreation.