Symbols of Witchcraft

Symbols of Witchcraft

Many people wonder why symbols are so important, but they are important because they give people the opportunity to be able to use the feelings and emotions that they have inside and to bring peace and love instead of hate and hurt. The symbols are there to help you to know what is inside of you and to reach deep.

Symbols are signs that are external signs of the energies that you have inside of your soul. They are different beliefs and ideas that are put together to make a symbol that can bring you happiness.

The symbols of witchcraft are part of magick, and they are part of the everyday, modern witch.

Magic Symbols

There are different symbols that work with magic and the soul. Here are some very important symbols.

Triple Moon Symbol

The triple moon symbol is one that is used to honor the moon and to work with feminine energies. The triple moon is part of the mother, maiden and the crone and helps you to reach your inner feminine power.

Water Symbol

The water symbol is another feminine energy that can be used when you need to heal or to heal others. This is a western energy, and you can call on the west if you need to nurture someone, show love or healing and to get rid of negativity out of your life.

Earth Symbol

The earth symbol is part of Mother Gaia and has to do with the feminine energy of the earth. This is a fertile symbol and can help you to birth things such as new ideas and to help you grow. Use this symbol in nature and see its power.

Air Symbol

The air symbol is part of the east powers. It helps you to have open communication and to have wisdom in things that you do. You can use this symbol when you need to have a clear mind and to have truth. This sign represents breathing and the soul.

Fire Symbol

The fire symbol is one that comes form the south and is an energy that breathes life and newness. This is a masculine energy and can be used for those that want to know their powers better.

Ether Symbol

The Ether symbol is the spirit symbol, and this is where there is universal balance and space. This is the symbol that connects your inner being with joy and with happiness in the spirit world. This is both feminine and masculine energy and is often used to make a pentacle with an outer circle.

Crescent Moon Symbol

The crescent moon symbol is one that is part of the goddess of the moon. This is there to represent different phases of the moon such as the waxing and the waning phases. Use this symbol when doing rituals that use the moon phases.

This symbol can bring creativity to your life and help you to know your traits and your good qualities.

Goddess Symbol

The goddess symbol is one that is both the feminine and maiden power. This is part of the triple moon and is representative of the waxing, waning and full cycle of the moon. This is a feminine power and is very interesting and mysterious when used.

Horned God Symbol

The horned god symbol is a masculine energy that helps you to do rituals to bring fertility into light. It can give you strength and help you to be strong. Use the forest and call upon this symbol for help.

Triskelion Symbol

The triskelion symbol is one that is part of the three forms of the goddess including the maiden, mother, and crone. This represents both the land and the sea and is connected to the sky and to Goddess Brighid.

Solar Cross Symbol

The solar cross symbol is one that is often used at the beginning of rituals because it is one that brings change into life. It is associated with the different seasons and with the sun and can be used in rituals that call for the different seasons.

Hecate’s Wheel

Hecate’s wheel is a symbol that is directed to the goddess Hecate. This is part of the maiden, mother and crone and the feminine powers of the woman. This is used often by Dianic witches.

Pentagram Symbol

The pentagram is used when witchcraft is used and is a very questionable sign to many. It is there to represent the four directions and to represent unity in the spirits.

This symbol is considered powerful when doing spells because it contains all the elements and the universe which are all part of living.

Triquetra Symbol

The triquetra symbol or the trinity knot is a magick symbol that means the triple goddess and is part of the mind, body, and soul. This represents not only the soul but also the wind, mind, earth, body, and the sky.

7-Pointed Star

The 7-pointed star or the faery star is used to represent seven sets that are needed for both protection and to bring peace in your life. This can be used during rituals and is also called the septogram or the elven star.

Eye of Ra Symbol

The ancient symbol that protects you is called the Eye of Ra and is very involved in bringing protection to your life. This is a symbol to protect you against people that are out to get you.

You can wear this symbol on your amulet or a talisman in order to make sure you stay protected.

Spiral Symbol

The spiral symbol represents life and the changes of life from birth to death. This also represents rebirth and reincarnation and is a circle of life. The spirals are found in seashells and in galaxies because those also represent life.

Using Magic Symbols

The symbols will be used by witches and those that are doing witchcraft, but you need to relax if you don’t understand their use. Do not let it upset you or stress you out if you are unsure of what to do next. Learn to look at the symbols and see which ones make you feel drawn to them and what emotions they reveal to you.

These symbols are meant to reach deep inside of you, and you can use them in three different ways:


You can put these symbols on items that you use when you are doing different rituals. Engrave them into things such as candles, the dirt on the ground, trees, or other tools.


You can use these symbols as writings in your journal in order to help you to do your rituals. You can sketch them in your life and make sure that you use them every time you write.


If you have an altar in your home or somewhere else, you can use these symbols on your alter. Using them in the shape of things by using different materials can bring magic from these symbols.

Figure out which ones are meaningful to you and use them in the ways that you feel most drawn to.