Stopping a Divorce with a Love Spell

Stopping a Divorce

Are you and your partner unable to have peace in the house and you find that you are constantly fighting? Or did you or your spouse leave already or one of you file for divorce? If you feel that you have tried everything in your power to change the situation and it isn’t working? If so, you might want to try one of these spells and get help from the spiritual world. By doing a spell, you can get rid of issues, blockages and other negative things that may have caused the division.

Love spells for divorce can be used at any time that there is a separation, but it works the best when it is done earlier in the separation process. To get the spell to work, do it as soon as you have problems or as soon as your partner mentions the thought of divorce.

Casting a spell can help your partner to have positivity and can help them to become more attracted to you, just like things were in the beginning. The spell can take your relationship and get rid of any thing negative such as feelings or energies and let your partners heart and spirit open up in a positive way towards you.

Most of the time, divorce situations happen in situations that are complicated. That is why seeking out spiritual help can help you to get back on track and to be able to improve the relationship by getting rid of negativity. It can help you to start new and have a clean and clear foundation to enjoy a happy marriage.

Using a Stop, the Break-up Spell

You need to know what this kind of spell will do in the situation of separation or divorce. Here is how it can be most effective:

  • It can get you and your partner back together. If you have already separated, try a “return a lost lover,” spell instead.
  • Gets rid of problems that are causing negativity such as hostile forces.
  • Gets rid of negative energy all together since these can ruin any relationship.
  • Makes there be love between you and your partner that has been lost.
  • Can make a love connection of unconditional love between the two of you.

Love spells can help to stop a divorce in its tracks. It can help to heal the heart and if the heart is closed, they can help to open the heart back. This can help by moving emotions back that were there when you first got in the relationship.

This can make the relationship stronger than it was even before you ever committed to each other. This can make your relationship complete.

Making a Stop a Divorce Spell Work

In order to see any spell work, you have to believe that it will work, and you have to believe in magic. You have to have faith the at the magical process is powerful and real and then make sure that you do it the right way without leaving out any steps or any ingredients.

If you are new at casting spells, you might find this to be something hard to do, in that case, you can hire a spell caster that is a professional to do the spell for you. There are many different spells that you can cast and if you want to make love between you and your partner, find the one that fits that. There are other ones that can fit almost any situation.

There are also love binding spells that can create a bond between you and someone else that will last forever. You won’t have to worry about problems coming in the relationship because the bond will unite you together forever.

If you are going through other problems, find a spell that works with whatever relationship problem that you are having. Take time to read and understand spells before you ever decide that you are going to cast them so that you understand how they work more.

Anti-Separation Spell

When a relationship ends, it can be heartbreaking. It can change your life and it can be hard to heal and to deal with it. Do you feel that your relationship might be hindered by something? Do you want to help someone that is going through some kind of separation or divorce? There is moon magic that you can use that can help to stop a separation or a divorce.

A relationship that is full of negativity will cloud the mind of the people in the relationship. It will cause the romantic situation to have darkness instead of goodness and it can take the light out of what was once good. This can cause people to hide their true feelings. Moon magic is a spell that you can use to stop a separation or even a divorce.

When you are working with love spells and you want to use moon magic, you need to make sure that you understand and know the phases of the moon. In order to get positive energies to come towards your life, you need to do your spell during the waxing or the full moon. To get rid of darkness, you need to do your spell during a waning or dark moon.

Ingredients for an Anti-Separation Love Spell

• Red candle.
• Photograph of you and a photograph of your partner.
• Jasmine incense.
• Olive oil.
• Tbsp. of basil.
• Cinnamon.
• Tbsp. of Fennel seeds.
• 2 Tbsp. of Lavender.
• Cauldron or pot that is fireproof.
• Matches.
• Do this spell during the waxing or full moon phase.
• If you want to get rid of negativity, do the spell during the waning or dark moon phase.

Casting an Anti-Separation Spell

Begin the spell by anointing the red candle with the olive oil and casting a circle. Put both of the pictures, the one of you and the one of your partner in front of you. Light the incense and the red candle. Think about the fire and how it works in the spiritual world and how important it is. The fire has an affinity with the spiritual world. Put the red candle in your right hand and hold it in the air. Keep your mind and spirit open. Take seven deep breaths.

Drip wax onto both of the pictures. Build up your energy and focus on what kinds of problems that you are having with your partner that you want to get rid of. Focus on the love that you want to get from your partner and how much you want to love them. You will feel it in your spirit when you should stop. Then, stick the two pictures together, facing each other. This can mean that the relationship will stay together forever.

Put the pictures into the fireproof pot or the cauldron that you choose and add the basil, fennel seeds, cinnamon, lavender and sprinkle it with some olive oil. Hold the red candle in your right hand again and then hold it up, with your mind and spirit open.

Take seven deep breaths and focus on what you wish. Let your energy build up and then drip some wax into the cauldron on top of the mixture. Take another seven deep breaths and then put the candle down.

Setting it On Fire

Use the matches to set everything in the fireproof pot or cauldron on fire. This will let go of all of the relationship problems that you have and send them into the universe. If you are facing a divorce, breakup, or separation, this will stop it.

Don’t forget to thank the universe for helping you and then snuff out the candle, don’t blow it out. After the ashes have all cooled down, take them outside and throw them into the window. Find a spot to do this where you can see the moon. On the next full moon, light the candle and let it burn out completely and this will give the spell more power.

Stopping a Divorce Spell

If you love your partner, really love them, then no matter what they have done you don’t lose that love. When using a spell to stop a divorce, it will bring them back to your life where they are meant to be. You will be willing to fight harder to keep the relationship working and you will be more committed to the relationship.

The spell will work best if you do it before the divorce happens. If you cast it right when your partner talks about divorce, it can heal the problems before the separation happens and you can start love new.

Can This Spell Help?

Yes. This love spell can help to stop a divorce and help you to be able to get back with your partner. It can get rid of negativity in the relationship and the magic can bring your love back to you. It can even create a bond that is stronger, and it can keep your marriage together.

Both you and your partner has to work to make the relationship good though and you have to choose to be committed to each other so that the negativity doesn’t come back.

Ingredients for a Stop a Divorce Spell

  • A piece of parchment paper.
  • White candle.
  • Pink candle.
  • Pencil.
  • Sandalwood oil.
  • Matches.

Casting a Stop, a Divorce Spell

Cast your circle and anoint your candle with the Sandalwood oil before you begin. Then draw two hearts on the parchment paper that touch each other. Make sure that the hearts are big enough to put one candle in each heart.

Light the white candle and drip wax into the left heart saying, “Drip the wax, drip it, burn the flame, burn it. Light this love bright.” Say that 3 times.

Drip the wax into the right heart and say, “Drip the wax, drip it, burn the flame, burn it. Light this love bright.” Say that 3 times.

Do the same thing with the pink candle.

Take the white candle and put it on the left heart and the pink candle and put it on the right heart. Snuff the candles out as you say, “Transfer my will, my spell is heard, as I will, so mote it be.”

Give the parchment paper to nature the same day that you do the spell. Bury it, put it in the river or some other water, in the garden or just somewhere in nature.

Light ethe candles on the following full moon until the completely burn out.

Stop a Break-up Black Magic Spell

If you are the one going through a separation or you are doing this for someone you love that is going through an ending relationship, no matter what, know that using black magic can have negative side effects. It should only be used as a last resort situation.

When things get hard in your life, people just give up on their relationships. They might decide to walk away, or they might decide that they no longer care. When you care for the person and do all that you can to get them to not walk away then this might be what you want to do to try and get them back.

A black magic love spell can let you change your relationship and have them to reconnect with you no matter what has happened.

Ingredients for a Stop a Break-up Black Magic Spell

  • Chicken wing that is raw.
  • Pink candle.
  • Sterile needle.
  • Three drops of your own blood.
  • Thread or yarn.
  • Matches.
  • Large piece of parchment paper.

Casting a Stop, a Break-up Black Magic Spell

Before you ever start a black magic spell make sure that you are prepared for the spell first. You need to make sure that you know how to cast the spell and that you are taking all the precautions to make sure that you are safe.

Start by lighting the pink candle with the match. Draw your partners name on the parchment paper with the raw chicken. You won’t see the name, and this is okay. Then, on top of their name, write your name with the raw chicken.

Drop 13 drops of wax on the names with the candle. Use the sterile needle to prick the tip of your left index finger and drop 3 drops of blood on top of the names.

When you drip the blood, focus on what you want, and how you want to stop the divorce. Build up your energy. Then snuff out the candle saying, “Kasmati Beluto Kemati Bo.”

Use the paper to wrap the chicken wing up and then tie the yarn or thread around it. Then go out that same day and bury it.

On the following full moon, light the candle until it burns out completely.

Stop a Divorce White Magic Spell

You can cast this spell if you want to stop a divorce, but you don’t want to wait long. It will work best before the divorce proceedings even begin. Do it right after they say they want to separate.

White magic uses energies in a good way to heal and not to hurt. It can also heal the relationship. It is a successful kind of spell, and you can send out positive energies that will stop the divorce right away. It can also renew your love for your partner. When you cast this spell, you will see that it can reverse the breakup completely.

Ingredients for a White Magic Stop a Divorce Spell

• Two pieces of paper.
• Cinnamon incense.
• Pencil with no eraser.
• Candle.
• Cauldron.
• Matches.
• Old picture when you were happy with your partner.
• An item that reminds you of happy times.

Casting a Stop, a Divorce White Magic Spell

You have to use your memories to bring love back into this kind of relationship with this spell. You need to start by casting your circle and then lighting the candle and the incense.

Write down the problems that you are having on the paper. Write down everything that is hurting your relationship. Then tear the paper into small pieces and put it in the cauldron.

Sit down and look at the pictures and the item that you have that makes you feel happy. Meditate for about 30 minutes while you imagine being back with your love. Think good things only. Don’t allow negativity to come into your mind but focus only on good things.

You will know when to stop this. After, light a couple of matches and put into the cauldron. Burn the paper until it is completely gone. This will burn away the problems that you had, and it will be released into the universe.

Snuff out the candle and go and throw the ashes in nature.

Casting Spells to Stop a Divorce or a Separation

Here are some tips to casting a spell to stop a divorce or separation:

  • Cast the spell with love in your heart.
  • Never cast a spell when you are hurting.
  • If you don’t have parchment paper, a brown paper bag or baking paper will work.
  • Do the spells at a full or waxing moon for the best results.
  • If you want to get rid of negativity, do the spell during a dark or waning moon phase.