No Need for Love Spells

No Need for Love Spells

When you find yourself unhappy with being single, it can be a problem. It is especially a problem when you are the one that does not want you. Some may turn to love spells to bring their desired one to them. Many bookstores have whole sections devoted to metaphysical practices to help make that special someone your own. It can be easy to believe that all it takes is the recitation of some words, a few crystals, incenses, oils, and herbs and someone you desire will be fully yours for all of eternity. Still, before you embrace this plan wholeheartedly and rush out to buy all the supplies, there are some things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is what has kept the two of you apart. If the intended is already taken, likes being single, or in a happy relationship or maybe just not interested, it can be tough to accept, but a future may just not be in the cards for the two of you. Things become more complicated because of what we have been taught about love through movies, novels, and shows that create dramatic and fictional themes about star crossed lovers who face a cruel world keeping them apart. While these are good for entertainment, they create an unrealistic expectation in the lonesome viewers mind and heart. At other times, we are taught love must be painful and we must be devoted to one person for a lifetime, regardless of whether they are reciprocating the feelings. We are taught love is to be selfless and we are only to give, expecting nothing in return. Some are taught love is forever, despite the nature of it and if we truly love someone, we must be with them as long as we are alive. All these myths do is create disappointment and pain, leaving us focused on all the wrong things.

We need to realize that is someone wants to be in a relationship, they will make it happen. There is no mystical force to keep lovers apart. This means there is no need for magic to unlock what is meant to be. True love is not a struggle to bring it to fruition and while devotion is admirable, if directed to the wrong person, it is pointless. So, while we should not give up on love in and of itself, we do need to stop seeking validation from those who are not interested in a relationship. You do not need to stop searching for love and you can use some magic, but no love spells needed.

If you have a deep love for someone who does not share the feeling and you are struggling to move on, your local metaphysical shop can be of help. A simple, and cost efficient, candle or oil known as “forget him” or “forget her” can help you let go of the feelings. No special work or words are necessary unless you just want to say something. The candle has a prayer written on it and is designed to be burned for a specific amount of time. If it is left to burn until it is gone, do so in a safe space. It still shows effectiveness if burned for a time, extinguished, and relit as needed. For the oil, add a dab to yourself as you would perfume and tell yourself to move on, heart intact, forgetting the individual. This can be done as needed to help change yourself, not someone else.

Visualization exercises can also break the heartstrings that bind you together. Close your eyes and visualize a single strand that connects your heart to the other person. Feel the strength of the connection and honor the love, then take a deep breath and snap the strand with your hand. Cast it away as you walk away, visualizing it dissolving into nothing. This can also be done by visualizing roots that you dig up and lay aside. This will leave you feeling whole. Some may prefer asking for divine help through a guide. One deity open to helping in this way is the Norse goddess Freyja. Gather some form of amber and offer it to her by casting it in a field, burying it, or burning it. Ask Freyja for help and signs to point you to true love, then have faith it will be done. One other form of magic is to reach out to those more lonely than yourself. Give your time to someone who is alone to open yourself up to love. Whether you become a Big Brother or Big Sister, adopt an animal, or join a group to support a cause this is magic in itself.

Above all, commit to love magic for yourself. Understand you are deserving of love and capable of finding it. If someone is not interested in you, it is their loss and there are others who will appreciate you. Get out and enjoy life and before long, love will find you.