Mirror Magic Will Make Him Fall For You


        Are you secretly wishing for that hot guy in the office to notice you? What about the childhood crush that you think of? Have you dying to that love of your life to focus and you? Are you craving for that someone who got away to go back and give you the attention that you desire? A simple spell has been proven effective, simple step and believing in the power will make your wish come true.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 mirror
  • picture of him/ or her
  • picture of you
  • Belief in the power of Magic and the powers within yourself

Casting Instructions for ‘To make someone think of you

Take the mirror and on the side where you see your reflection place his/her picture facing the mirror, on the other side facing inward place your picture and tape both securely, on the back of your picture write these words and hold the mirror close to your heart and chant 3 times:

With these magic words I plea
Each time you see your reflection you will think of me
This is my will, so mode it be….

Keep the mirror in your purse or pocket but carry it with you wherever you go…for 30 days you will see the results long before this but it could take up to 30 days ….. Just believe.