Making Love Secure Spells

Love Secure Spells

If you are having relationship problems and you think that your partner might be cheating or is being dishonest, you might wonder what you can do. Do you have zero trust in them, or do you feel that you are always jealous but there is a reason why?

You can use a magic spell that can make your love more secure. You can do this before you have a partner that cheats on you so that you can have a happy and more trusting relationship. This will help the future of your relationship be happy and it will also make you have a stronger bond with trust and love.

Trust is one of the most important things when it comes to relationships and so if you want your love to be stronger and more secure, you need a partner that is going to be dedicated to your love.

Ingredients for Making Love Secure Spells

  • 2 pink candles.
  • A picture of you and your lover together.
  • Flower vase.
  • Mirror.
  • White carnations.

Casting a Making Love Secure Spell

You can do this spell outside or you can do it inside of your home. If you want the spell to be effective when you do it outside, you need to make sure that you take all of the ingredients with you. You also will need to have an outside altar. If you do this outside, make sure that the altar that you set up faces the moon.

Make your space sacred and cast your circle. Then you need to invite the quarters.

Put the picture of the two of you in the center of the altar that you have created. If you didn’t have a picture with your partner and you then you can use two pictures. If you use two pictures, put them side by side on the altar.

Put one pink candle on one side and one pink candle on the other side of the picture or pictures. Light the candles and focus on what you want in the relationship. Take time with this part because this stirs up your energies and will make the spell stronger.

Put the carnations in the flower vase and put this behind the pictures on the altar. Hold the mirror in your hand so that you can see the picture in the reflection. Say three times, “I want to be bound to you. You need to be bound to me. Our love is true, I declare. The love is not obscure. Blessed by the goddess, please make our love secure. Snuff out the candles.”

Once you say this 3 times, thank the quarters and then let them go. Close the circle.

How Can a Make Love Secure Spell Help?

When you are in love, it can be one of the best things that ever happens in your life. Some people will spend much of their life looking for love and trying to find some kind of love that will bring them happiness. Many people don’t realize that falling in love is easy but that keeping a relationship good takes a lot of work.

If you are in a good relationship and you feel that it needs to be more secure, use this spell so that you can make that happen.

Are you afraid that your partner might cheat on you? Has your partner already cheated on you, and you are always feeling insecure?? Use this spell to make sure that your partner stays by your side. Make sure that you are willing to face the consequences that can come with this magic spell. If you feel that this is too much and if you feel that it will be hard to keep your partner faithful, you can use black magic. Remember though this can be a dangerous magic to use and can come back to you negatively.

Cast this spell when you have the right intentions in your heart. If you want to make a bond that creates trust between you and your partner, this is the right spell for you.