Love Spells: White Magic

Love Spells: White Magic

Love Spells: White MagicWhite magic love spells are pure and able to be cast with good intentions. This can bring back a lost love or attract someone desirable. The goal is to send out positive energies with a positive outcome. White magic can work is not ill intentions or thoughts are included.

How It Works

The transfer of positive energy to create strong vibrations through prayer, chanting, and meditation can transform a broken love into something powerful. Every human has an inherent energy source that may lie dormant, but will never fully disappear. These energies come forward when spell casting. The only thing needed is a passion to cast a love spell that will be potent and that can arouse a lover’s passions.

White magic love spells work on inner beliefs and wishes to bring about positive change. Sometimes the rituals need simple tools like candles, herbs, flowers, and the like. These mediums allow for the release of power into the universe. These positive energies will soon become reality so it is important to have focused desires with love spells. The tools simply help generate more energy to create the change you desire.


Concentration, projection, and visualization are all necessary powers for casting white love magic spells. You will also need to learn to communicate with your inner self because the energy is bound for a particular cause during a certain time period, without harm. When in love, adoration and affection prevail over evil so white magic is possible for a love spell.

A spell casters service may be advisable when first beginning so you can learn how to effectively deal with problems and create a course of action. The results of a love spell may not be what you expect, so be prepared for what comes.

White Magic Benefits

Black magic is meant to cause harm and destruction and is sadly associated with magic in general, but white magic is about all things good and positive. White magic love spells do not carry negative energy, but do have the power to transform your love life in unimaginable ways. Most of the power comes from within.

White magic does not look for submission, but requests acceptance through divinity, not from the supernatural beings, but rather what is present in nature. There are no sacrifices in white magic love spells, but they do involve spiritual forces to be called upon for guidance and strength. White magic is focused on things like bringing back love, healing the sick, or bringing on good fortune. Black magic co-exists with white and though it is much more known, white magic holds its own.

Make Someone Fall in Love

If your dream is to win over someone you love, even when they do not feel the same, it can be painful. At times, the love is reciprocated, but hidden under false layers and misunderstandings. Spells can help break through the falsehoods so that whoever you cast it on will be amazed by you and fascinated in every way.

This white magic love spell is created in such a way that it can make someone fall in love in unexpected ways that are beyond what they ever imagined. It can be cast on someone you have just met or a long time crush, it is for anyone. It creates a loving, warm relationship based on unconditional love. So the spell must be used with caution because you want to make sure it is true love and not just someone you will outgrow.

Spell Items

Pencil and parchment paper

Cinnamon oil

Wooden matches

Toothpicks (wooden)

A pink and separate red candle to inscribe

How to Cast

Begin by casting your circle and cleansing the candles prior to anointing them with cinnamon oil. Carve your name in the red candle, but your lovers in the pink. Light the red candle with a wooden match and then use the candle to light the pink one. For 30 minutes, focus on the candles burning as you visualize your situation and your wish for love from the person. Draw two hearts on the parchment paper and fill one with your name and the other with his/her name. Next, take the red candle and drip wax on the hearts while staying focused on your love and what you will give. Once the hearts are covered, blow out the red candle.

Repeat the wax and blowing out the candle with the pink. Do this for seven days with the same parchment and new hearts each session. On the 7th day, let the candles burn out on their own. Hide the paper somewhere no one will ever find it.

Easy Love Spell

Love is in the air and the love you want is available to you. Draw the love you want with this white magic spell, even if you are not feeling confident.

What You Need

Candle (pink or red)


Olive oil (organic only)


Place the candles on the table and rub them with olive oil down then back up. Infuse the candle with positive thoughts and imagine the love you want in return for what you are sending out. Using a needle, inscribe “I want a pure, divine love, harm not a wind’s whisper” on the candle with a needle. Light the candle and let it burn out as the spell will activate as soon as the candle burns out.

Angels of Light – Love Spell

Love gives you the ability to conquer all and this spell will connect you to a person who will be supportive. This will help you find the one true love that is perfect just for you, only for you.

What You Need

Lighter (white or red)

4 crimson candles

2 inches of red velvet ribbon

2 ceramic angels

How to Cast

Put the angels on the table facing you with the four candles around them. Place the ribbon by their feet. Light the candles in a clockwise manner and chant the following:

I call upon thee angels to heal my spirit and heart as they cry out for love. Send me that love with haste, delivering them to my arms

Let the candles burn down as once they are extinguished, the spell is activated.

Regaining a Lovers Interest

This specific spell is designed to have immediate effects on your relationship. You will see each other in a new and exciting way as the love that you have grows and blossoms again. You will connect on a deeper level so be prepared, but even the greatest love stories need help now and again.

Needed Items


Red Yarn

Small coin and envelope


How to Cast

Clearly write the name of the person you want back on the inside of the envelope. Hold the coin and rosemary in a fist, very tightly. Repeat the person’s name 4 times, once in each direction. Use the compass for accuracy. Always start at the north and then move to east, south, and west before facing north again. Place the coin in the envelope, seal it and kiss the seal. Roll up the envelope and tie it tightly with the yarn. Take the envelope to your favorite place (prepared ahead of time). Take the rosemary outside and grind it in your hand and release it to the wind. As you finish, recite “come back to me” 17 times. It will not take long for your lovers to return.

Power of White Magic Spells for Love

When white magic spells are done in a true positive spirit, they can do great things. One of which is to help you find true love, return lost love or remove relationship problems. Love spells do not make someone fall in love, but harness the natural forces to help you win love that you want and have been waiting for in live.

White magic is considered intelligent magic that makes choices for us to keep us on the right path. The love spells may not result in what you want, but will provide what you need. The spirits can see what we cannot, so they will steer you from anything bad.

Important Intentions

Beware of white magic spells for love because it may not bring what you think you want, but you will get something better and appropriate. You may be pleasantly surprised. These spells are not tricks, but enhance the feelings of love in another. If the love is not genuine then the spell will not work.

White magic makes the world go around, even though black magic is promoted as more powerful. White magic has power beyond mortal’s comprehension, so it must be respected for its goodness.