How to Charge a Talisman

Charge a Talisman

When you are doing magic, you need to make sure that you are focusing on the energies around you. You need to know how to bind them to the world and in order to do this, you can make charms and talismans that can channel energies.

These can help you to focus on the goals that you have, and you can use the energy when you are casting spells. If you want to work with magical energies, you can use these charms as good luck and they can send energies to those that need it. These things don’t manipulate energy.

Spells are helpful but you might want to have something that reminds you of what you want. The energy that you have can help you do this and when you charge a talisman, you can infuse it with energies and carry the energy with you.


A talisman is something like a piece of jewelry that you can use to keep you safe, bring you money, love, or other things. You can charge this with the power of the waxing moon. These are good for magic, and they can bring positive energies to you.

These are Greek and from the word teleo and the roots of the word is consecrate. This means to be charged. No matter what the purpose is for your talisman to be charged, you can use this energy when you do spells, rituals, or other things.

Picking a Symbol

You can find different pendants and rings that have magical symbols in almost any store. This can be a triskelion, cross, knot, eye motifs or other things. When you make your own good luck charm, you need to figure out what symbol that you want to use, and which one is closest to what you want to reach.


After you have your symbol, you need to find another version of it or make on yourself. Some people will just buy a pendant and others will even make them from beads, wood, paper, or other materials. You need to listen to what your intuition is telling you. If you aren’t able to create the shapes on your own, print them out and then make them into a wood talisman.

Calling Out to the Spiritual World

People get to a place where they will use objects to have power. These charms can help to give you power and they don’t even have to be fancy. They can be made out of paper or other things. Whatever carries the energy can help you to prepare for whatever you need.

Advanced Talismans

Whatever you are interested in, you might want to make charms that can be used for many different things. You might want to reach certain goals and you need to spend the right amount of time making your charm.

If you are going to do many different spells or rituals, you shouldn’t carry the charm until you do your magic first. It will help you to build up the energies that you need and help to get rid of negativity that can stop you from getting what you want.

Witchcraft should be something that you enjoy but you need to see that you can see a lot more things if you have a good luck charm with you. You can make these on your own or you can buy them. Whatever you choose, you can take the energies of the objects and you can see that you can try something new.

Try to place your skills and your ideas and create your own good luck charm to protect you.

Charging the Talisman

Charging your talisman is going to be a ritual that you need to do right. This will let it have the power to help you reach your goals. When you connect with the universe, you will see that your talisman can make your wishes come true.

How to Charge Your Talisman

You need to have the candle color that gives you what you desire. If you want to attract love, use ap ink candle. You can also use incense and this scent should be something attractive to you. You can use water, white cloth, and salt.

Doing the Charging

Put the candle in the middle of the table that you put the white cloth on. Light the candle and the incense. Put the glass of water, the salt, and the charm on the table. Close your eyes and as you meditate, tell the talisman that you want it to do for you. Make sure that you are being very specific.

If you want to attract love to your life, imagine your love coming to you and imagine how you would deal with a good relationship.

Sprinkle salt in the glass of water and imagine golden light surrounding the cup. Sprinkle the water on the talisman and say, “With this sacred water, I concentrate my talisman and charge it for my purpose.”

Put the talisman through the incense smoke and say, “With the incense burning, I am cleansing my talisman and charging it for my purpose.”

Pass it through the flame of the candle and say, “With this flame, I am purifying my talisman and charging it for my purpose.”


Hold the talisman in your right hand and think of a white light going in all directions. Focus on this light and imagine the light going all over your body. Let the light go around you and give you strength and go from your body to your talisman. Imagine the talisman being full of power and helping your wishes to come true.

Your talisman is ready to use and is charged.

Good Luck Talisman

Luck is something that people need when they do anything in their life. People have things that are good and bad happen to them and bad luck might be bad for someone and good for someone else. People often need to look at events in their lives to see that they make them stronger as people.

Having luck in your life can help you with your power and with the things that you need in your life. If you are someone that has bad health or someone that doesn’t have enough money, you might want to have this kind of good luck charm to change your situation around.

Ingredients for a Luck Charm

  • Red Jasper Stone.
  • Citrine Stone.
  • Meaningful bead.
  • 1 green candle.
  • 1 blue candle.
  • 1 orange candle.
  • Hemp string.

Charging the Lucky Charm

Do this at midnight and make sure that you are alone. Wash the object using natural water from a lack, river, or a bottle of spring water. Imagine washing out anything negative.

Cast your circle and put 3 candles in a triangle shape and put the stone in the middle of the candles. Put the string and the bead between the stone.

Focus on your energy and the circle and send out positive thoughts. Think of things that you had when you were lucky or think of something good happening to you. Imagine positive energies coming to you. See green light going into the circle and see it going into the bead. Let it glow and let it shine. Let the candle completely burn out.

Once the candle burns out, put the bead and the necklace in your hands and say, “I command the candle light and I make you my bead that is full of magic. Luck will come to me like a seed and lucky to mee will be free. As I say, so mote it be.”

Put the string through the bead and once more say, “So mote it be.” Put it around your neck and don’t take it off except when you sleep and then put it under your pillow while you sleep.

Luck and Success Talisman

You can use this talisman for good luck, success, and power. You can ask the spirits to come and charge the talisman during the waxing moon. If you need to have more success and luck in your life, you can charge your talisman with this ritual.

The energy that you have will become positive energies and you will be more successful. If you feel that you are not able to move forward in your life, luck might be blocked. You can use this luck charm to help you to get your luck working for your life.

Luck and success is something that most people want. They want to be healthy and to have wealth and a high social status. This talisman can bring luck to your life.

Ingredients for a Luck Talisman

  • 4×4 piece of green cloth.
  • Tourmaline stone.
  • 7-star anise seeds.
  • Purple string.

Charing the Talisman

Do this on a waxing moon and lay out the cloth on a flat table or a flat area. Put the tourmaline in the middle of the cloth and put the star anise seeds around it, one by one. Each time you put out a seed, say, “One for luck, two for money, three for having favor, and four for the honey. Five for something old, six for something new, seven brings success in everything that I do.”

Once you have the 7 seeds and the tourmaline in the cloth, pull the corners together and tie with the string. Make sure that nothing can fall out and the ingredients are tied up. Keep this with you at all times for more luck.

Money Talisman

Some people will use talismans to get more money in their life. They can use this to manifest things, and some will win the lottery or come into some kind of money. The charms are infused with different energies, and they can make good luck come to you fast.

The charms aren’t harmful or negative because they don’t cause negativity or hurt anyone. Money that is used right will give you good karma. This talisman can help you to have your energies right and help you to manifest money.

Ingredients for a Money Charm

  • An object that is meaningful.
  • 2 green candles.
  • 2 orange candles.
  • 2 violet candles.
  • Green cloth.
  • 3 silver coins.
  • Garnet stone.
  • Aventurine stone.
  • Jade.
  • Acacia herb.
  • Blackberry.
  • Cinquefoil herb.
  • Silver thread.
  • Dragon’s Blood incense.

Creating a Money Charm

Do this on the first day of the New Moon. Cast your circle and call on the four elements. Imagine a circle protecting you. Set up the candles around the circle and light them. Take the coins and focus on the wealth that you need. Deep breathe and say, “Spirits of air, bring me some money.”

Put the coins in the cloth with a meaningful object, the crystals, herbs and leave them sitting by the candles. Let the candles completely burn out.

Fold up the bag and tie knots in the ends. Take 2 pieces of thread and tie and braid them together and use one thread to tie the cloth made bag.

Take the bag and bury it for 8 days by a tree. Then dig it up and remove the object and keep it with you while you keep your bag in your room. At night, put the objects back in the bag.

Faithfulness Talisman

Sometimes people have relationship problems and sometimes when someone is with someone, they aren’t always faithful. When you want your partner to be faithful and devoted to you, you need to create a charm to keep them faithful.

You can change the commitment that you have to this person, and you can shift their energies to a long-term love. You will call the energy of commitment to come to you and this will help you to be committed to each other. You will see that your partner won’t leave you for someone else.

Ingredients for a Faithfulness Talisman

  • Dark colored drawstring pouch.
  • Licorice herb.
  • Dried and ground unicorn root.
  • Marigolds.
  • Fresh rosemary.
  • Dried cumin.
  • A personal item.

Preparing the Faithfulness Talisman

Put all the items into the drawstring pouch and then put the personal item in the pouch with it. This can be a picture of you or your partner or something else special to you.

Put the pouch under the pillow of your lover or under the mattress and they will stay faithful. This will work because it will protect your relationship from harm. This will make sure that your partner stays faithful to you and that they don’t cheat on you.

The energies of this faithfulness charm will help you to get closer to your partner. It will help you to be connected to them and it will help you to have more magic with who they are.

Charging Your Talisman

You can wear or hide your talisman in your bedroom. You can wear them or carry them in your pocket or keep them in a pouch. When you don’t want to use the talisman, keep it in a wooden box and put it on your altar. Many witches and spell casters will use these talisman charms to protect them. This can be a gift that you give someone that you love. The power of this talisman can help you in each day of your life.