How Can Your Magic Get Fast Results?

How Can Your Magic Get Fast Results?

Being a witch means that you have cast many spells, probably, but have you ever been in a situation where you cast a spell and it was taking forever to work? Did you ever wonder how you were supposed to wait for something to work that was taking so long? Many witches go through this.

The thing is though, casting a spell can take time and the timing of the spell can be confusing to those that cast them. Sometimes you will feel that you put your energy into something and thought it would happen in a few days, but you find you are waiting weeks and weeks or longer for it to happen. Is there a way to make your spells work faster?

If you have ever wondered if you can control the time, here are some things that you can understand more when doing your magic:

How Much Time Does a Spell Take to Work?

There is no real answer as to how long it will take for a spell to work. This is why it can be confusing for witches when they cast a spell. One witch might cast a spell and it works immediately and another can cast the same spell and it might take weeks to work. It really depends on the person casting the spell and how difficult the situation is as to how it will work and how fast.

When this happens, it can be looked at from a different point such as baking. You can make the same recipe and you might spend more time cooking it to get it to work than you did the last time you made it. Once you learn more about what is going on with your oven and with your recipe, you will be more familiar as to what you can do to make it happen faster.

This is the same as doing spell work. Once you get more familiar with who you are and the way that spells work, the faster you can make your spell work and the more you can manifest what you need. It can take time to become familiar with spells and it can take a lot of practice and knowledge. There are ways that you can focus on things in your spells and make them work faster.


Look at all of the ingredients that the spell says that you have to have. Some spells will be slow, and others will be fast magic. Some ingredients are slower ingredients, and some will be faster and will make things move faster. If you want to do a speedy spell, then you need to find out what kind of things to use. For example, yarrow is an herb that works to protect you.

This can be done when you are trying to do a love spell that is going to work over the next year. You should not use cinnamon during this spell because it will cause the speed of finding someone to speed up and then you will lose out on the quality of the relationship instead of taking time to find the right person.

Look at the relationship that you are using with the ingredients that you want to find. When you work with things that are natural such as crystals or herbs, you need to look at the spirit that goes with that thing because it can change with your practice. If you aren’t familiar with the relationship or you don’t know what herb you are working with, it can change the way that your spell works. You need to learn more about the relationship and then find the plants or herbs that will work best with it. This will help the spell work at the right time.


You need to always consider the situation that is going on around you. Maybe you are in need of something small like 10 dollars and you go to the store, and you get home, and the cashier gave you 10 dollars too much or maybe you get a card in the mail from your aunt with 10 dollars in it.

Other things might be harder to do such as if you want to do a job spell and you want to get a specific job. You need to make sure that your magic is going the right way to get what you want. This means that the magic will be harder. If you need to get a job right away, this can make it even harder and casting a job spell that is generic probably will not do the work for you. Instead, you need to set a pathway to get this specific job and the spell will be harder and take longer.

Maybe the company is hard to get on at and the hiring process is slow. The company might take applications and not even look at them for months before they even hire someone. Maybe you interview for this job, and you find out that they would rather put you somewhere else in the company and that is going to take much more time than planned.

Even though this is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you won’t always be able to wait to get what you want but if you can, then you need to be patient and see how you can get the results that you wanted. If you are not able to wait, then you might need something fast to happen and then using specific magic can cause it to go faster and help you to reach your goal even faster than you hoped.

Being Involved

Being involved in spell work can be hard. Some people think that being involved in your magic will make it work better, but others believe that it will cause your magic to take longer, and it might cause you to miss out on what you wanted.

Personal involvement can make your magic better because you can use your emotions to help you work faster and better. Maybe you need to use a banishing spell to get rid of someone that is hurting or harassing you and you are angry, and this can make the spell work faster. When you use your emotions, you will see that the spell will move forward with more power, and it will make the results happen faster. This will work well when you are emotionally invested in your spell, and you use the same power to make it work and it can be better than if you don’t really care how the outcome happens.

When you are emotionally vested in your magic, it can also cause the magic to slow down or to be blocked. Someone that is stressed out or worried about a situation will have a harder time getting the magic to work. All the energy that you put in will be there, but it is negative energy, and it will cause the spell to not work or to backfire. Worry and fear can cause a negative spell because of the energy that it takes with it.

Sometimes this can cause the spell to not work at all or it can cause it to take longer than hoped for. This can happen when a person casts a spell to get the same results and then the situation turns, and you aren’t sure why. This can happen because they take the worry that they have, and they outweigh it with excitement of making the spell work.


Look at the different powers that you choose to use. Do you want to use the deities to help you or the spirits? You can ask them to help you with your spirit work. If you have a good relationship with the spirit world, they will be more likely to help you make the spells work.

Some spirits will work better such as Saint Expedite if you need something to happen fast. You can ask him to bring things to you quickly and offer him something in return and you will get what you want and then leave an offering for him. There are other spirits that do not move very fast, and they should be called on when you want a spell to last forever.

When you decide how fast or slow you want your spell to work, you can call on the deities to help you. The spirits can connect with what you are doing, and they can help you to get more information and to make the right choices. You can even find out more about the different spirits and deities and then decide which ones can help you the best with what you are doing.

Waiting or Not

How long should you wait for your spell to work? This is an answer that you can get only after you have done your spell. You need to decide on how long you will wait for the spell to work before you cast it. Some spells have limits and others do not. A money spell for example can be done but you need to know when you need the money. If you need the money this month to pay your rent, then you need to do this spell within the time limit. You should only wait for as long as the time you give the spell to work and if it doesn’t work by then then you need to accept that the spell did not work.

Other spells can be cast and can take a long time. If you want a time limit on it, you can decide how urgent the spell is and how long you will wait. Not all spells have a date and time and sometimes they can take as long as they want without being able to make them faster. It is possible to do a spell that can work in a few weeks, but the term date is only a way that you can know how long you might have to wait before trying a new spell.

Making the Spells Go Faster

There are some things that you can use to speed up your spells including:

  • Coffee
  • Ginger
  • Red pepper
  • Cocoa powder
  • Obsidian
  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Selenite
  • Citrine
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint
  • Marjoram
  • Fluorite
  • Cayenne pepper

Powder to Speed it Up

You can add powder such as cocoa powder, ginger, lemon grass and cinnamon to dress your candles or to put in satchels that will help to make your spell work better and faster.


The magic that you do might take less time than someone else’s magic. The only way to really understand your practice is to see how your spells turn out. Note how good they are and how well they work. Write down all the things about your spell such as how long it takes and the progress that you use from the beginning to the end. Treat your skill as a way that you can change things and you can do what you need until the spell is perfect.

Learning about magic is a way that you can get the knowledge that you need to make it work well for you. There are things that you have to learn and other things that you have to just keep trying until you get it right. Pay attention to your magic and learn more about it and you will find that you don’t have to worry about your magic manifesting. Pay attention to knowing things such as the timing of spells, how to make them faster, how to pay more attention and whatever you need to know to perfect your spell casting.