Get Your Magic Back When Bad Things Come

Get Your Magic Back When Bad Things Come

One thing with the world is that there can be crisis’s that happen around you and they make you feel that you have no power. You might feel that there are things going on that will cause you to have no power in your magic. Before you focus on magic though, you need to look at your power and see why you feel that your power is gone.

You will never be able to do strong magic if you feel that you have no power. Being a witch means that you have your own power and when you get to a place where you feel powerless, it can leave you drained and cause your magic to not work. You have to learn to be in control of your life if you want your power to be strong.

It can be easier to talk about having power than to actually give yourself power. When you feel like you have no power then you will not be able to fight against things that are hard. When people are not able to focus on anything but surviving, they miss out on the changes in their life that can bring goodness and can help them to be more powerful.


You have to understand how power works. Some people feel that power can be taken from them and that is not true. You give your power away. Power is something that is free will and when you are able to make choices with your power, you use your own desires to exercise this power. This is not something someone can take from you. No one can take away your free will.

This is something that needs to change your mindset. The way that you think and live your life can be taught to you but unless you are able to accept it and do it, you will not be able to make this change. Some people have chosen to die instead of doing things that restrict their values and their morals. They will even go beyond any situation and make a decision on their situation. Choices can be taken away, but you will not have your ability to choose to ever leave you.

To have more power, you need to look at all things in your life from a different point of view. Instead of feeling like you don’t have the right choices such as being quarantined and you cannot leave your home, you need to see that you are choosing this life so that you can be safe. Rather you choose not to do it or to do it, it will have consequences in what happens next.

You are the one that can take control of your life. You are not a prisoner in your home, and you are just choosing to do what is best for you and the world around you. You could choose to leave because you are the one that has the power to make a choice. It is all about how you change your thinking.

One of the easiest ways to change your thinking is to think about the situation that you are in. Instead of saying, “I am not allowed” or “they won’t let me do that” change the way that you say this to give yourself power. Say, “I am choosing to do this,” or “This is the choice I am making,” and change the way that you think things through.

Be Realistic

To get your power back, you have to look at the situation. If you are not able to see the situation as it really is, then you will not be able to get the power back. You cannot lie to yourself about what is going on and if the situation is one that is ever, you need to look at how your decisions are affecting your life.

Do not tell yourself that things are not bad or that things will go back to normal but tell yourself the facts so that you can see the truth. There is no time to hide the truth from yourself, but you have to face the facts so that you can be in charge of your own fears. This is a time to use your fears to help you to focus on what is real and to show you where you feel that you have no power.

Changing Your Focus

Stop focusing on the things that you are not able to change and focus on the things that you have power for. There are some situations that you can not ever change and when this happens, focusing on these things will make you feel powerless. Instead, focus on things that you can have the power in.

For example, if you have been laid off from your workplace, instead of focusing on getting your job back, find what you can do to make money for yourself and your family in the meantime. Start an online business or do some kind of freelancing online until you get back to your job. This can mean that you are surrounding yourself with different people but taking your power back is worth it.

Think Differently

When you want to have your power back, you need to look at the things that make you feel like are taking away your power and focus on your options. Look and see what situations you need to focus on. If one thing doesn’t work for you, instead of sulking about it, find something else. Do not get stuck in one situation because a door closes. Find something else to do and another door to go through and change how you think of things. Even if things are hard for a moment, embrace them and work through them.

Put yourself back into your power. You can take your energy and you can use it to make your magic work. This can help you to get what you want in life and put you in charge of your life. Take effort to live the best life that you can live and get over things such as your stress, fears and your troubles and build a life with power and strength.


  1. The article offers practical advice on how to regain a sense of control in challenging times. It is a good reminder that our mindset can influence our ability to navigate difficult situations.

  2. The article lays out an interesting perspective on personal power and its impact on one’s ability to perform magic. It’s important to recognize the psychological aspects of feeling powerless and how that can affect one’s overall well-being and capabilities.

  3. I find the discussion on the interplay between perceived powerlessness and actual capability quite thought-provoking. It’s a reminder that empowerment often starts from within.

  4. The emphasis on choice and mindset is crucial in this piece. It reminds us that perception can alter our reality, and that power is often a matter of perspective.

  5. While the article addresses power in a mystical context, the underlying principles can be applied universally. The idea of reclaiming power through mindset change is valuable for everyone.


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