Doing Love Magic

Love Magic

There are different ideas about magic and some of it has been around since ancient times. You can look at your own path and see if you are wanting to be a millennial witch.

As summer comes, you will want to have love. Do you want to get back with your ex or do you want to make your own relationship stronger? Some people use magic to help them get with a person that they love. It is important not to do magic to make someone love you without them allowing you. There are some witches that you can hire to do spells for you that help you get back with your ex, but these can be dangerous. If you want to add more love to your life, these spells are great.

You can use a honey jar spell to help you to get more romance in your relationship. You can use honey, flowers, and candles to make this energy work. In order to do this kind of spell, you need to make sure that you have self-love first. Do something like go for a swim or get in the hot tub so you can relax. Go with someone that makes you feel loved. Take a bath or go for a walk. Light a candle and meditate.

You can do this kind of spell on a full or new moon. You have to be able to focus on manifesting and you should do this on a Friday because Friday is ruled by Venus and focused on love.

What Do You Need?

• Small glass jar with lid.
• Honey.
• Red, pink, or white rose petals.
• Lavender.
• A small pink candle.
• Matches or lighter.
• Paper.
• Pen.
• Rose oil.
• Rose quartz.
• Amethyst.
• Sage.
• Palo santo.


The first thing that you need to do is to center and ground yourself. You can do this by meditating and burning the palo santo. Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable spot. Use your imagination to envision a white light filling your life.


Know what your intention is when you do your spell. You can write yourself a letter or you can create a vision board. Make sure you are being positive. Describe how you want to feel and how good you want the relationship to be.

After you write this down, fold it up and thank the universe for helping you. Put rose oil on the paper.

Using Honey

After you folded the paper, manifest positive things. Think about how they make you feel and how much love you would feel if this person was with you. Put the paper in the jar and add honey and rose petals. Speak positive thoughts.

Imagine Golden Light

Imagine golden light coming to you and feel it in your palms. Imagine it filling the spell jar.

Light the Candle

Light the candle and pass it through smoke. Use rose oil on the candle and then increase your energy. Dance or chant or do whatever you need to so that you can have good energies. Use positive affirmations as you light the candle. Do not blow it out but pinch it to put it out.

Finishing the Spell

After you are grounded, you can imagine the gold light connecting you with the earth. Take deep breaths and imagine any negative energy leaving you.  Imagine any negative energy going into the earth.

Repeat It

This is a spell that you can repeat day after day. You can do this for 10 minutes each day and keep thinking about how strong you want your love to be. Make sure that you’re being kind to yourself and that you are living your best life.

After you are done with the spell, bury it at a crossroads and then make sure that you walk away without turning back around. This can bring you love yet.