Discover Your Soul Note Today

Discover Your Soul Note Today

Soul notes serve to attract people and experiences to you, as well as purging feelings of anger or spite.  There are steps you can take immediately to help discover your note and amplify the amount of light you emanate.  You must begin by recognizing your physical body is worthy of love and respect.

Allow yourself to perform a cleanse.  By purifying your body, especially the intestinal and digestive tracts, you can rid yourself of many diseases and ailments.  Many parasitic disorder symptoms can mimic more common ailments and over 130 types of parasites can inhabit the human body.  Although, cleanses can be a tricky process, a successful outcome can help your gut and mind communicate back.  It’s important to remember “healthy body, healthy mind.”

A complete cleanse requires patience and discipline.  It is helpful to work with a trained naturopath who will advise on the ideal methods and herbs to incorporate.  You should purify your entire intestinal tract beyond simply the large intestine.  This will produce a healthy layer of mucous to line tract walls and allow us to eat a proper amount of food to receive optimal nutrition.  Your cleanse should last at least three months to see true results.  Pay attention to the quality and quantity of food as light emanate from the food we consume.  Envision this light to enter your body.

You may notice an array of old emotions or unresolved experiences being released during a cleanse.  This is because memories can be stored at the cellular level of our body and will surface as toxins become releases.  Addressing, and releasing these memories will help you feel lighter and brighter in spirit.  As these lingering thoughts surface, strip them from your astral body and picture yourself throwing them into the light.  You may also choose to write down these lingering issues and burn the piece of paper to release these concerns back to the Universe.

If you notice you are suffering from trauma, opt to work with a trained therapist.  Certain traumas can be stored so deep that you will need to work with various methods to fully purge this pain and heal.  Allow yourself to forgive, even a part of, yourself and those involved in these unresolve scenarios.  Let anything or anyone that no longer serves a benefit to you to be released from your life.  Keep in mind, toxic relationships are incredibly troublesome to release, but by staying committed to loving yourself and trusting the process you can no longer feel weighed down spiritually.  Allow each cell to become filled with light that vibrates throughout your body working to heal, cleanse, and rejuvenate from the inside out.

If you are unsatisfied with your life, act in a manner in accordance to your goals.  Essentially, walk your talk!  You will notice beneficial changes to occur and the cleansing will feel easier.  You should experience an increase in fun, joy, service to others, and spiritual exercises to become central to your life.  Love will flow freely within and around you, allow your spirit to ascend to new heights.  This ascension promotes freedom for your spirit to more readily interact between the physical and spiritual plane.  Love becomes a wellspring within you and your energetic field vibrates faster thus helping to uncover the lighter body that reside in every person.  One that is of perfect shape, health, beauty, and boundless energy.  A body that never ages, sickens, or dies. In this body we are most fully us, a Spark of Light and Love who has a rewarding relationship with the Divine and all of humanity.