Consequences of Love Spells for Your Relationship

Consequences of Love Spells for Your Relationship


Whether you are practicing black or white magic when it comes to love spells, they can each have different influences and power over another person. The more powerful the actual spell, the more powerful the results will also be. Intention also has a great effect. If you cast any type of love spell knowing that there will likely be a negative effect, then the results will also be negative. This is also true if you imagine or outright know that the spell you are casting is not meant for a positive result.

Do Love Spells Affect Karma, Energy, and Bad Affects?

Loves spells do not affect karma, energy, or create bad affects as long as they are cast in the proper manner. There are no negative effects in using magic for love if the spell caster is experienced in the area. In fact, many relationships have been created or come back together with the help of a bit of love magic. As long as it is undertaken with the right intentions, there is no need for concern when it comes to incurring bad karma from a love spell. Spells can be used to end one relationship to clear a path for your own successfully, but only if the current relationship is not “true love’ and the couple not meant for one another. In this instance, it is not wrong to end a negative relationship that was never meant to be in the first place.

Most people who cast love spells and are considered reputable, will cast a break-up spell, but only in the way describe above. They will not interfere with a relationship if it is between soulmates, only if it is not meant to be. If someone wants a break-up spell for a happy couple that seemingly belong together and love each other, with no reason not to assume they are happy and committed this will likely not be an option. Breaking up a couple for purely selfish reasons alone can bring on bad karma. In addition, if someone wants a relationship ended simply out of jealousy or because they want to be with one member of the otherwise happy relationship, this is considered negative and will bring on negative consequences. This can cause bad karma for both the caster and the one requesting the spell. The most common time this is requested is when a person wants back with their ex, but the ex has become involved with a new love.

Further Consequences

Many will want to know ahead of time if love spells can come with different consequences after they have been cast. A proper love spell will invite romantic love into your life as the intent is focused on attracting energy to you, not a specific person. If the one you are attracted to is an energetic match, then the universe will sequence the events appropriately so that they may see the romantic light around you. This will lead them to o whatever task you desire in the love category. This may include breaking up, coming back, or other relationship related reasons.