Cast a love spell on yourself? Really?


 8703048_f520As a professional psychic and witch of over twelve years I have done my share of love readings for so many people. Don’t be shy, It’s alright! we all do it. We all want to know how love will potentially shape our future and how will it shape us. Inevitably most of these readings either end up being about a current relationship on the rocks, when an ex may or may not come back around, or when the client is finally going to find their FOREVER partner. As the reading winds down almost everyone asks the same question: Is there a spell I can do to bring love into my life or fix the love that is already there?

The truth is, love spells are tricky. They are tricky because there tends to be a lot of variables for us to work through. Sure you may have a big crush on Jimmy and would do anything to get him, but what if Jimmy is secretively gay or what if Jimmy could only love someone with one arm? I know that might sound improbable but these things get in the way far more than one might suspect.

Another aspect of love magic that is worth investigating is that almost always it is done for external pursuits. The spell might work initially, bringing you into the arms of another, but what happens when the glamour fades and you are left with the realization that not only are they not what you wanted, but you aren’t who you wanted to be. The first time I cast a love spell, not only did it work, but it worked so well that I actually tricked myself into thinking that they were the one for me. At some point I started to wonder if it was me he was in love with or the spell. That not knowing caused me to break the spell which subsequently led to the end of that relationship a few days later. For years I would beat myself up over who I let myself become in that relationship and would have a string of very unhealthy relationships.

One day during a particularly intense phone call with a client over her disastrous love life I realized that I had a lot more in common with her than I had expected. The problem was that we were too busy feeling alone and undesirable that we weren’t looking for a way to fix the issue, just to bandage up old wounds that were seeping bad ex-boyfriend and latent daddy issues. I sat there for a few moments and suddenly realized we were doing it all wrong. What came from that realization was this love spell. The Self Love spell is the only love spell you will ever need!


Cast a love spell on yourself? Really? 

There is something to be said about Ru Paul’s famous exit on Drag Race, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else?” You see, when we love ourselves and put ourselves first this funny thing happens, we feel good about ourselves and our decisions. These good vibes lead to a boost in confidence which eventually leads to us being able to make better decisions for ourselves. Those decisions help us to know who we really are when we don’t feel unlovable and what we really want out of love.

The benefits of casting a love spell on yourself go even deeper than just that. When we perform love magic on ourselves we are forcing the issue. This type of magic means you can’t glamour yourself or pull the wool over your own eyes. This makes you much more likely to actually look for and root out those lies that we have led ourselves to believe. You get to choose self preservation over settling for less than you’re worth, and you get to rise to the occasion instead of waiting for someone else to come along and make you feel better. When you choose to love yourself you are making a big statement to the universe and everything changes.

I have prescribed this spell to hundreds of clients over the years and have received phenomenal feedback. This spell is great for those who are looking to find love, fix the love they have, and/or ignite love in their life. This spell can be done any time but is designed to be worked on a Friday evening, just after sunset.

The Self Love Spell

Items Needed:

Pink Candle, Lavender Petals, Jasmine Flower (if you cant find these herbs I recommend the Reconciliation blend from The Mystic Dream), Gold Glitter (optional), 5-10 pieces of Rose Quartz, A bowl of Salt Water, A White, Pink, or Red cloth, A Small Compaq or Hand mirror

Bless and sanctify the space you will be doing this spell in. When preparing for love work I prefer to sprinkle the area with salt water and then to project the image of pink flames surrounding the space.

Place the candle in the middle of your altar space and then place the rose quartz pieces equidistant to each other in a circle around the candle. As you place each crystal around th unlit candle visualize yourself coming closer to an authentic version of you. Around the circle of rose quarts sprinkle generous amounts of the herbal mixture. As you sprinkle the herb mixture ask for the wisdom and medicine from the herbs to aide in your working. With jasmine ask for self love and with the lavender ask for the ability to intuitively feel where the changes need to be made in your life. Sprinkle the gold glitter (symbolizing sovereignty over the self) over the herbs and candle.


Sit for a moment and wash your face, then hands, then feet in the salt water. As you dip the cloth in the salt water and gently scrub these parts, take a moment to see the blocks and bad relationships from your past wash off like oil and dirt. When you have completed this, envision the pink flame from before washing over your body and restoring any damage left behind from the past.

Draw a pentacle of pink flame with your wand or index finger over the candle and then light it. After you light the candle, bow your head slightly, eyes on the candle flame and say,

“By sacred flame I ignite the passion of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”

Touch each stone gently and say,

“By sacred stone I summon the love of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”

Softly hover your hands over the herbs and say,

“By sacred flower I call forth the spirit of the Goddess. Hear me great mother!”

Take a few moments to breathe slowly and ground your energy.  Allow yourself to feel any shifts around you and allow for the energy to settle in the air just a bit. At this time spill your guts out. Cry. Get angry. Tell the Goddess everything, even the stuff you don’t want anyone to know. Don’t stop until you feel like you have said anything and everything you need to. The whole time while doing this, look directly into the candle flame and see yourself pouring this energy into the light. Once you feel that you have released any and all stuck or heavy energy into the candle say,

“No more tears will blind me, no more fears will chain me.

No more pieces to find within, no more pain to keep within.”

Turn around so that the candle is behind you and lift up your small mirror or compaq and stare directly into your own gaze. After a few seconds say,

“Looking back I see my soul not pieces to be made whole.

Looking in I see my heart a lush work of ancient art.

Looking out I see my path free of self inflicted wrath.

(Insert your full name), I love you and you are worth love

Together as one we let it shine from above!”

Gently close the mirror and/or place it down close by. Turn to face the candle one last time and say,

“Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, horned Hunter of the night, lend our power to this spell and work my will by magic right.

Air to speed it well, earth to bind my spell, I count the elements four fold and on the fifth my spell shall hold!

May my heart be mine for all time. My love is mine for all time.

I cast this spell, so must it be, for the good of all, but most for me!”

Let the candle burn out completely and then collect the remnants. Take the remaining pieces of the spell- the herbs, unburnt wax, and glitter and burry them on the following new moon for optimal results. Keep the mirror and gaze into it whenever you need a reminder.