Can you get love with a spell?

Can you get love with a spell?

Can you get love with a spell?Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could simply burn a candle, recite an incantation whilst thinking of your intended and then, whoosh!, they fall in love with you?

Doesn’t it sound a bit too magical to be true? It does, but don’t despair, love spells do exist. In fact they have existed for thousands of years. There are tablets that were unearthed in present day Iraq that hold the details of love magic.

Natural history experts say that the main ingredient in any spell is usual a flower of some kind. This is because of the energy they release.

Flowers themselves are the sexual components of plants.  They bring in bees to pollinate and they have the energy that they create with photosynthesis. This energy can work for you to help bring the change you want in  your life.

Can this energy cause a person to fall in love?

The first thing you must remember is that you cannot make someone do something against their will. A love spell will work because it changes the energy around you and others.  The spell words by making your energy attractive for the love you need.

The love spell itself should be a pleasant experience. You can start by pampering yourself with a bath and concentrating on the love you want in your life.

If that is too simple for you, there are several love spells you can try. Here is one that will help draw new love to you.

First gather a lisanthus (also known as the poor person’s rose). Next, get a red rose, a red candle and a pink candle. Next get a map of the area where you are most likely to find a new love. (Near your home or your workplace.)

Then, you light both candles and put one on each side of the map.  Write the attributes you would like your new love to have on the map.   Remove the flower petals and let them fall slowly on the map. Repeat “Within the corners of this map, my love will be found. Next drop the petals in  a path to your front door. Say, “This path will bring you to me, as the steps of flowers, our love will be.”  When the candles have burned out, bury them outside with the map and the flowers.