Using Magic for Direction

Using Magic for Direction

Knowing what you love to do is important and some people have clear direction when they are born, and they know where to move forward and what exactly to do. With other people, most people, finding direction in your life can be confusing and many do not know what they really want. Everyone has hobbies and are interested in things but just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean that it is going to give you direction.

Some believe in fate while others do not believe that fate guides the way and they believe that everyone makes their own destiny and they fulfill their lives not by feelings but by magic to figuring out where their real path in life is.

There are many different assessments and personality tests that you can take for free to help you know and discover what you love. When you find this truth, you might find that there is a path that you have never even looked at. Maybe you loved something as a child, but you never went for it or maybe you were put down for it.

There is a chance that you felt pressured to go in a certain degree, but it wasn’t really for you. The great news is that even if you have not really found your purpose yet, you still have time. You can still change and find what you are seeking in life.


Trusting your inner gut feeling is a skill and there will always be people in your world that are giving their opinions and that are pressuring you about what you should and shouldn’t do. When you are young, you are faced with many obstacles and it is when you begin to learn how to gain confidence while others learn during this time to hide their inner voice because of others. If you want to know what the best path is in your life, you have to know and realize who you are, know what makes you happy and learn to listen to what your intuition is telling you.

When you have to face a choice, you have to look for an answer and know that you can trust what your gut is telling you. You must understand that intuition is not always loud. It can start with a small feeling or sensation in your mind or body, an image or an impulse to do something different. You have to learn how to understand your intuition and how it shows in your life. It will feel different than just a thought.

Begin to practice your intuition and learning how it manifests in you such as with dreams, during a reading or some other kind of work.

Sometimes, witches are tuned in more and it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to learn to trust, it just means that they have to listen and put their thoughts aside. For example, if you get a sudden thought that you left the stove on, then another thought comes in your mind, it can cause you to ignore your intuition.

We have learned to ignore our feelings and not to listen to ourselves. This is not about what you are really doing, it is about respecting and trusting yourself and believing in your intuition. Even if you are wrong, you should give it credit and listen to it.

Maybe you are driving down the road and you get a bad vibe from a stranger. Stay away from them and learn to listen. These are small things in your life that will not really affect you so much in the future, but it is about listening in the moment and figuring out what your intuition feels like inside of you.

When you learn to listen to your intuition, it will grow stronger and you can learn to count on it. Use crystals such as pearl and moonstone to help you increase your intuition and listen more to your inner being.

Intuition Boosters

Here is a spell that you can use to help increase your intuition.


  • Silver
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Quartz
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Honeysuckle
  • Rosemary
  • Purple or blue candle.

Clean the area around you and get in a comfortable position. Let your candle sit on a table and put honeysuckle and oil on it and put it in front of you. Light the candle and take the pearl or the moonstone and the quartz and put it on your lap. Put the silver between you and the candle and close your eyes, stay calm and recite this spell:

“Help me find wisdom, to find pearls when there is sand. Give me truth and I have my stones in my hand. Let me know when there is chaos, let the silver glow and when I need guidance, I will forever know.”


Learning to believe in yourself and your intuition will help you find your real purpose. You can clean your area and burn a white candle, some incense and listen to some soft music. Burn some basil and think about the things that you really loved when you were young.

Think about times in your life where you were happy and see what common things played a role. Think about your morals and your ideas now and what you want to do to make the world better. Do you love helping people? What about being successful? What would you love to be doing the most? What makes you happy? What do you love about who you are? What is easy for you to do? What can you do without it feeling like work?

Take time not to just look at your failures or successes but figure out what you have learned from yourself because of the choices you made in your life. Think about as many aspects of your life that you can and figure out what you might be missing.

Use your intuition to answer questions and be truthful with yourself. Your answers are not good or bad, but you need to figure them out. What made you the happiest that you were when you were young? Did you love being outside or did you love working with your hands? What do you value now?

It isn’t easy to always process this stuff so do not be upset or frustrated. Take time to let the ideas flow and to help you on the path of your new life. Keep practicing and do not rush yourself. Take time to think of things on your own and listen to what your intuition says.

Make choices based on what you are feeling and what makes you happy. Choose to do something that you love and not just because something feels right. Teach yourself to listen and listen to what your subconscious is telling you. Stop putting your happiness second and pick a path that makes you happy instead of fearful or worried.

Fulfilled Life

When you learn to trust yourself, you will find what you want, and you will be successful in reaching it. The more you understand yourself, the better your chances are of attaining what you want in your life. You can take small steps, and these can never be wrong for you.

Take time to change your plans and remember that it is okay to change your mind and to pick something else. Figure out what you love and what you don’t and go with it.

There is no real way to achieve your goals, but you can find that what you believe will help you to get ahead. Do not look so far ahead that you become frustrated but take one step at a time to move forward. Be neutral in some things and learn to celebrate the things that you achieve, even if it is small. Change what you think of success.

When you explore a happier life, you will have to take a step forward but if things do not work out, don’t just ignore it, find a different way to reach it or reach out for help. Allow your successes and failures to be in perspective and then try again tomorrow.

One thing you can do is to find magic when there is no magic. People such as life coaches and therapists talk about affirming yourself and visualizing things. This is something that also happens in witchcraft and has magical origins. It is refreshing to hear others talk about it. When you figure out your goals, your intentions might change, and this is okay. What is the important thing is that you stay focused and you allow things to work around your intentions?

Use a quartz and program it with your intentions and when you feel that you are no longer motivated, let the crystal work for you to keep you moving forward. Take time each week to reflect on what you have accomplished and how your life changed for the better.

Think of your intentions and your goals and tell them to yourself each morning when you wake up. Give your intentions power and instead of wasting time on something that makes you happy and that you do not enjoy, wake up each day with a purpose and find something that brings you joy.