Using Common Sense for Love Spells

Using Common Sense for Love Spells

Love spells are best when you cast them so that you can love yourself more and so that you can have better self-esteem. If you need to prove who you are to another person, then you are not helping yourself or anyone else. If you want to put a spell on someone to make them love, you then you are not helping yourself. If you are doing anything different than trying to open yourself up to love, then you aren’t helping anyone.

Casting a love spell can end with you being in an abusive relationship. What you want out of a relationship is something exciting, but you have to give it time and you need to find someone that cares and that give you security.

Once you decide that you deserve these things then you will start using your intuition to find love. You can try a love spell with candles, and you can follow all of the instructions to cast your spell. The universe knows what you need, and it knows that you are entitled to find love.

When you burn the relationships, you will see that you might feel desperate to be close to someone. You might see that your soul is crying for you to be happy and crying over things that you missed out on in your life. You need to make sure that you are getting rid of any baggage that you are carrying about your past and learn to love who you are.

It is important to be open to the energies around you and to let good energies come to you. You need to get rid of any bad feelings, memories that are negative or negativity that has to do with what your past held. You need to no longer let your past hold you back from something new.

This can be a time where you learn to allow yourself to be open to meeting new people and not just sitting at home being sad that you haven’t met anyone. You need to learn to go to social events and put yourself out there. You will never find someone if you are sitting at home.

Allow yourself to change and allow your energies of life to let you learn to let go of things that are stopping you from your happiness. Go out and meet people that you can have fun with. When you meet someone that isn’t right for you, don’t stay with them, let them go until you find someone that is who you want to be with.

Be determined to meet new people and to have fun. Allow the potential of others to build up inside of you and accept people for who they are. Don’t let your past determine what you want for your future or who you are.

Follow through with your dreams and allow your love spell to come true. If you do a candle love spell, embrace it and when it happens, make sure that the person that you met is someone that you want to be with.

When you see that person, you will know right away that they are the person for you. You will see that they are amazing. Will you have problems together? Absolutely because no relationship is without problems, but the great thing is that when you meet the right person then you can work through these problems and find happiness and peace.


  1. This piece provides a pragmatic approach to relationships, highlighting the significance of self-worth and the risk of abusive connections from manipulative spells. It’s essential to engage in social activities and allow natural interactions to foster.

  2. Emphasizing self-love and emotional readiness is crucial. The advice to participate in social events and not let past negative experiences dictate future possibilities can help individuals find genuine and fulfilling relationships.

  3. I appreciate the cautionary advice given. Engaging in love spells without understanding the potential consequences might lead to unhealthy relationships. The reminder to address past baggage and negative energies is particularly insightful.

  4. The article makes a compelling argument for the importance of personal growth and emotional cleansing before seeking new relationships. Trusting the universe and focusing on positive energies can indeed pave the way for healthier connections.

  5. The article emphasizes the importance of self-love and intuition in finding a meaningful relationship, which is a valuable perspective. It’s necessary to focus on improving oneself rather than attempting to control others through spells.


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