The Best Ritual to Manifest Love

The Best Ritual to Manifest Love

The Best Ritual to Manifest LoveLove rituals rank among the oldest forms of energy work known to man. Love creates life. Without love, nothing makes sense. When love is absent our days are gray and dull. New things need love to grow.

Love has a strong hold over us. For as long as people have been alive, rituals, magic, and spells have been used to attract it. And love rituals work to manifest love. Whatever you’re seeking in love, there are rituals to help bring it to be! People have used love spells for centuries to appeal to the gods and goddesses of love like Eros, Venus, Hathor, and Aphrodite to mend broken hearts and even to manifest marriage.

If you’re considering performing a love ritual, you need to be aware of the guidelines and rules that go along with it. The most important regulation is that you should never target your ritual toward a particular person. You must always leave the intention for your rituals open-ended.

For example, instead of setting the intention of getting together with Chad from Accounting, focus instead on inviting the experience of love that would result in the most genuine good for everyone involved. With an intention like this, the Universe will most likely manifest what you most desire, even if you don’t know yet what that is. Each person has free will. No matter how much you want somebody or something, you don’t have the authority to break this Universal Law.

New Moon Love Rituals

Love rituals are commonly associated with moon phases. The New Moon is the most powerful time to conduct romantic rituals and to cast spells for love. Full Moons have a magnetizing and alluring quality, the New Moon phase is the ideal time to sow the seeds of magic intent for a love that will grow. Add the Libra zodiac sign into the mix and partnership, harmony, and love will certainly enter the cosmic equation. Libra offers the energies associated with attraction, beauty, and intimacy. So Libra’s energy will amplify any magic, rituals or spells.

The Best Ritual to Manifest LoveHere’s a simple love ritual that can serve as a basic template for any other rituals you may decide to cast in the future. The ritual will be most effective during a New Moon phase, but any phase is more effective than not performing the ritual at all!

This ritual will allow you to gain clarity on what you most desire when it comes to relationships and love. It will also identify your blocks, and then help you release them.

Things You’ll Need

  • A candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Incense (any type or scent will work, but sage smudge is especially powerful)
  • A heatproof bowl
  • A pen or pencil
  • A sheet of paper

How to Perform the Ritual

  1. Gather the items you need and find a comfortable place to sit. Light the incense and the candle to create a spiritual, sacred space and to cleanse its energy. If you’d like, you can call the elements, directions, Spirit guides, ancestors, totems, or light beings to inspire you and support you.
  2. Draw a line down the center of the piece of paper to divide it into two columns. Write “The Love I choose” across the top of the left column.3. Ask yourself what kind of love you actually want. In that first column, write a list of the things you want to experience in love. This can relate to a specific issue, or it could be an epic list of your heart’s most intimate desires. This may take some time, so be patient with yourself. Delve deeply into what you need, how you feel, what feeds and nourishes you, and how you best give best.
  3. At the top of the right column, write “Obstacles blocking me from love.” Across from each statement in the first column, write down the things that are stopping you from loving that way. This could also take some time. So as you process your thoughts, be patient and gracious with yourself. Think deeply about what’s holding you back and what you’re afraid of.
  4. When you’re finished, carefully tear the paper in half along the center line. Hold the second list, the list of blocks, and feel all of the disappointment, sadness, and fear it contains. Feel it as it surrounds you and fills your aura with heavy negative energy.
  5. Channel all of that energy you feel into the paper and hold it into the candle’s flame. As it burns, feel the fear-based emotions and energy held in your aura lift and vanish as your barriers and blocks go up in smoke. Discard any remains in the heatproof bowl.
  6. Read the remaining list, the list of your desires, out loud. Invite them all into your life. Feel the excitement, joy, and love as you allow your deepest, most heartfelt desires to be free. Invite their energy to enter into your auric field.
  7. Take a deep breath, and burn this list, too. This may feel counterintuitive, but burning this list symbolically offers it to the Universe as an act of a new beginning, with includes your request to return the love’s energy to you in whichever form it best serves you. You’re also symbolically surrendering your control, which will better allow you to embrace the love when it enters your life, rather than requiring it to manifest with a specific look.
  8. Finally, when you’re finished with your ritual, be sure to thank the Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings present for their blessings, and extinguish the candle. Know that your ritual requests have been heard and acknowledged, so remain open-hearted and open-minded as you patiently wait for it to manifest.

At the next New Moon, are you planning to celebrate with this ritual? After you perform the ritual, let us know in the comments section how things are going!


  1. The connection between moon phases and love rituals is fascinating. It’s interesting to see how ancient practices can still hold relevance and offer guidance in modern times. This ritual seems like a mindful approach to understanding one’s desires and barriers.

  2. The emphasis on not targeting a specific person is crucial. It’s important to respect free will while setting intentions for love rituals. This article provides a thoughtful and well-rounded guide on how to approach these rituals ethically.

  3. I appreciate the article’s focus on self-reflection and releasing negative energy. It seems like a holistic method that not only aims to attract love but also promotes personal growth.

    • Indeed. Addressing personal obstacles is an often overlooked but critical step in any manifestation practice. This approach ensures that individuals are not carrying old baggage into new relationships.

    • I agree. The process of identifying and burning obstacles is a powerful way to confront and release inner fears. It’s a transformative aspect that can truly help in clearing the path for new love.

  4. It’s important to approach these rituals with an open heart and mind, as the article advises. The ritual provides a beautiful way to engage with one’s desires while also surrendering control to the Universe.

    • Absolutely. Surrendering control can be difficult but is essential for allowing the Universe to work in the best possible way. This ritual seems like a good practice for learning to let go and trust the process.

  5. The detailed steps for the love ritual offer clarity and structure, which can be very helpful for those new to such practices. The integration of elements like Spirit guides and ancestors adds a deeper, spiritual dimension to the process.


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