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  1. Enjoyed reading with Hannah. Called regarding POI, who she was able to pick up on with name only. She provided lots of information. Was very patient even when I requested clarification. Looking forward to upcoming predictions in the next few months. Thanks Hannah.

  2. Thank you so much, Ivy. I was extremely happy and pleasantly surprised you messaged me on the last question when the call ended.

  3. I love Tasha! She has always been kind, down to earth and most importantly-spot on! You will never be disappointed with her!

  4. Thank you so much. I will keep in mind what you said, Rocco. It makes me so happy, at least I know now it’s not one sided.

  5. Serenity is very good and detailed and honest. I will be back once things begin to unfold.

  6. I love her. She is amazing and so intuitive and accurate. Lily is a friend to me at this point.

  7. Brooke, thank you again. I feel so lost but you give me the strength to keep going. Thank you for your patience. Lots of love for you.

  8. Hi Faith! I think you were right about the conversation having an impact on him, he popped in today to make sure I was ok and that we were ok. I hope it all happens like you see. Thank you, Faith.

  9. I am extremely grateful for Janet. She is truly a genuine individual above all the great things she’s described as. She’s positive, gentle but very confident in her predictions. Her advice is to uplift you in every way and never to judge you. Very glad I virtually met her.

  10. Sita is a gem on this site and as a person. I have been talking to her for two years and she remembers every detail. She has always been professional yet shows humanity towards her clients. Sita, you simply are the best as a psychic and well just as a human being. I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer and blessings all the way.

  11. Ivy is totally worth the wait. She has remained consistent in terms of her predictions. She is one of my go to when it comes to any questions regarding my POI. Ivy is always spot on!

  12. Brooke, I don’t know what would I do without you. A lot of predicted came to pass as you said and I’m waiting for more. Thank you for being on my side.

  13. Thank you for your clear communication, Melanie. You were on point, I’m hoping predictions come about as you said. You put me at ease, thank you!

  14. I’m struggling to believe that things will really work out but Lily remains confident so that gives me some hope. I always feel better after reading with Lily. She is very kind, understanding, and supportive. Thank you, Lily!

  15. Always a pleasure to get a reading from you Savannah. I found kitten lady…Thank you for being you.

  16. Incredible kindness, patience and skill. Just waiting for predictions to unfold. But, so grateful for her guidance and support through this journey. There are never enough stars for Dee.

  17. Rocco has become a wonderful friend and mentor throughout the past few weeks. Out of the many psychics I have talked to, Rocco is the most personable, friendly and loving. I feel his passion in every reading.

  18. There are just not enough stars for this angel. Ginnie, you are simply the best and I am so grateful to have the pleasure of speaking with you. There is never enough time to say thank you for all you do and I wish the best that life has to offer for you. I still am holding on to what you see even though circumstances have changed because I just have faith in your predictions. Stay healthy and always good vibes sending your way.

  19. Valerie is a very nice person to chat with and she gave me insight on what I was already feeling. I appreciate her so much.

  20. There will never be enough stars to rate Samara. She is absolutely one of the best advisors here. Samara’s voice is very soothing and calming. I feel the weight lifted from my heart when she reads for me through chat. She has definitely become a well trusted friend who remains patient and nonjudgmental.

  21. It is like talking to a best friend but someone who can see the whole picture. Zara is fantastic.

  22. Tula, what would I do with out you. Thank you so much for always listening to all my concern. Everything is unfolding as you said.

  23. Dorina is absolutely amazing. She has given me hope when I needed and guidance through difficult times. She remains kind, patient and non-judgmental. She has made predictions that have come to pass. There are many times I doubted her and Dorina proved me wrong.

  24. My reading with Lily was great. She answered my questions and concerns. She is an awesome reader and I highly recommend her.

  25. Annabelle is my favorite psychic now. She knows everything before I can even open my mouth and she’s on point.

  26. There is something about Ginnie and what she predicts. Only time will tell but what she does predict just connects with you.

  27. I finally got to read with the infamous Ivy. Unfortunately, it was very brief as I did not have all that many minutes and the chat took up a lot of time. I will read with her again but next time I’ll choose a phone reading. Thank you!

  28. Very compassionate, should see how prediction will pan out. You reassured me of something that I almost about to jump out of. I appreciate you so much, Dom.

  29. Thank you! I’ve been very confused and you helped me to work through my thoughts with your insight, Karen. Thanks again.

  30. Lila is an honest, reliable and gifted reader. She’s the real deal as she sees what she sees, she feels what she feels and she gives it to you straight up. Timeliness are pretty spot on too. Thank you, Lila.

  31. Excellent. It is easy to see how Dorina gets such high marks! My first time reading with her and she was friendly, direct, insightful and genuine. Honed right in on the POI and gave solid answers and timeline.

  32. I can honestly say that Carolyn makes me more of a believer. I try to get a hold of her when there is something really pressing. She correctly predicted a certain event and importantly, nailed the timeline perfectly. Certainly worth the wait in my experience.

  33. Excellent reading with Audrey as usual. She’s very intuitive and gave me confirmation on few things. I see why she’s in demand and is definitely worth the wait.

  34. I don’t know why the Universe is playing games with my mind, I think it’s better for me to be a nun lol. I will call back soon, Beth.

  35. Ginger, thank you as always for your insights and thank you for sending me additional assurance with your message.

  36. Molly is the best and always tells what she is seeing. When she sees something consistently and clearly, she lets you know and I am praying her insights, visions and skills are on for this one!

  37. Thanks Luke for your follow up message… I was waiting for one part of your prediction to leave a review. You told me between 2-4 weeks and M will contact me… he did. I will try to talk to you at some point and update you.

  38. You were right, he did contact me. He did want to see me but he gave me a condition and I couldn’t do it. Thank you, Kate.

  39. Hey ShaSha, it was a pleasure speaking to you. I will update you on R when I call back. You’re on my favorite list now. Have a blessed day!

  40. Ginnie, your amazing. I enjoy reading with you. You always leave me smiling and feeling better. I will update you if anything happens.

  41. This reading was definitely worth the wait. Bea was able to provide details about the individual without me informing her too much. I feel so refreshed and at peace now. This reading has left me longing for more. I will definitely be giving Bea a call back soon.

  42. Amazing as always. No predictions have came true but she is so confident it will happen! Nothing has changed in Molly’s readings.

  43. I can’t say enough great things about Janelle. She has been there to listen to me ask same questions over and over again. She has been correct time and time again regarding my situation. I trust her and I believe what she says.

  44. It is truly a pleasure speaking with Dom. He remembers so much detail and it’s so amazing. I’m hoping to know what my future will be like before the summer begins. As always, thank you for an outstanding reading.

  45. I hope Savannah’s next predictions will come true as well. She has right all the time and I can’t say enough good things about her.

  46. It has been a while since I have spoken with Dee but she once again picked up on my situation right away. I am very hopeful that my relationship with “K” will progress to a commitment someday. Thank you, Dee!

  47. I’ve talk to at least seven different readers and Rocco is by far the best. There’s a reason why he always has 50 people waiting in line. Enough said.

  48. Bianca’s on point and has been accurate with prediction before. I usually spend about 6-7 minutes with her because she does get to the point fast.

  49. First few prediction came to fruition. Gina made some other time line predictions I can’t wait to see if they come to pass.

  50. Valerie is great and very helpful through tough times. I only wish I could make it through her line quicker. It makes it hard to follow up on her predictions when you can’t get through for days.

  51. I feel she picked up the other person I was calling about accurately. I hope all she said is true and turns out the way she predicted it. I have complete confidence in what she said. Serenity will now be my go to psychic.

  52. Gave insight on my relationship that I was unsure about and predicted a contact from my ex in a few weeks stating that he missed me and was stressed over money. Will see if ex will contact. Rena told me things about him that I never mentioned.

  53. Jade, thank you for everything.. You are the best! I hope he contacts me in 10 days like you said. I believe you.

  54. Hannah, thanks so much for given me faith that things will get better though. I just received an email which put me in a lousy place again. Stated “I’m sorry I couldn’t be the pillar you wanted me to be.” Hope to speak again soon.

  55. Rocco is great as usual! I don’t regret any money that I’ve spent for him. I have been through some tough emotional times, for the 1st time in my life. He just knows what to do.

  56. I am so happy to talk to Nikki. She give me so much information and it is just incredible. I give her more than 5 stars because she deserves it.

  57. He responded he couldn’t make it, lets see if he changes his mind. Maybe he is too lazy, playing game or simply broke? Where are you? It’s always great to hear what you see, Ginnie. Thank you!

  58. This call was amazing. It was so great speaking with Dominic. He is truly insightful and offers wonderful advice. He tells it to you straight without sugarcoating it.

  59. It has been so long since we talked, Carol. I haven’t had the patience to wait in your line! Thank you for reading with me, it was amazing just like last time. I am excited for Israel and what the future holds… I can’t wait to meet the man coming into my life!

  60. Jacey assessed the situation perfectly. She even said something about J that he said to me a day later! Thank you, Jacey. I understand why so many love you!

  61. Well worth the wait! Sita was on the spot with what I was asking and also pulled up a few details that were quite accurate. Will definitely call Sita again!

  62. I can now understand why the waiting list to speak with Luke is so lengthy! I am so happy that we had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges in both my career and romantic life! I particularly benefitted from his professional view of the corporate world and how I need to heal from the scenario I left recently. It is also good to know that J’s decision to retreat is not permanent and that he will resurface again!

  63. As always, an excellent reading even though I only had a few minutes with Brooke. She gave me quick insight and left me with a sense of peace I was needing. Thanks you again for sharing your gift with others.

  64. Addison’s amazing! I hadn’t talked to her in 6 months and she remembered who I was and what we talked about. She gave me great insight and advise. Her predictions from our first talk actually happened like she said!

  65. Daisye definitely picks up on things like she has been in the past reading. She really is an awesome reader!

  66. Very good with so much detail. Olivia described him pretty well and gave me so much to look forward to with him. I know he has really fallen for me. Olivia says he loves me very much. Yes, we are connected on a very strong lever.

  67. Awesome! I was prepared to throw in the towel but the conversation with you made me hang in a little longer. Whatever you said right and resonated very accurately. I will keep you posted, Katerena.

  68. Nina has been with me for going on a year and has never wavered in the final outcome. We know it will happen and she continues to be a source of strength and guidance. She is extremely accurate with details.

  69. She’s worth every penny. I love talking with Ginger. I feel like I’m talking to a genuine, sincere friend and she never seems to grow impatient with me for asking similar questions over and over again. She is nonjudgmental and supportive no matter what, and while she doesn’t always tell me exactly what I want to hear, overall she continues to remain steadfast in the overall happy outcome she sees for myself and the man I love.

  70. Grace was great and well worth the wait. I hope that Grace’s prediction comes true. Thanks for the awesome reading!

  71. Serenity has an excellent way on explaining what she sees. In past readings with other psychics, I come away with more questions but not with Serenity. She was detailed and very in-tuned to my situation. I am awaiting the outcomes of her predictions and will post more a later date.

  72. Sylvia was so well worth the wait. She flowed quickly and had a true understanding of what I needed from the reading in the short time I had. Her gift, intelligence and warmth made you feel understood and like you were talking to your best friend. I look forward to contacting her in the near future. Thank you so much for the comfort you provided.

  73. Dominic, I really appreciate you. I have never met someone like you and thank you because you really care and you did your best to help me.

  74. I love her style, Brooke’s is so direct and to the point. Another great reading and I look forward to her predictions. Until next time, thank you so much!

  75. Sorry for cut off. Esther was helpful and positive. First time with here but was in line with what i was told. Just waiting for predictions to take place. Thank you and to your guides.

  76. What can I say, been reading with Steven for awhile now. Still the only advisor on this service who’s predictions have come thru. Like others have said, I feel like I’m speaking with a friend I known for a long time. God bless you, Steven.

  77. You will hear from my sister soon. I recommend you to her and she’s excited to have a reading with you, Dorothy.

  78. Bianca is wise, intuitive, and listens very carefully to the entire situation before conducting her readings. She is consistent, nonjudgmental and provides significant encouragement when needed and is firm when I need to proceed with caution in certain circumstances.

  79. You dont have any idea how thankful I am, Luke! He was wonderful! I am anxiously waiting for his timelines to come to fruition!

  80. She was great. I appreciate all the time she took to review my situation. Olivia offered some excellent advise and insight. I will look forward to seeing how things work out in the future. I sure do hope she is right.

  81. Will be talking to you soon. You’re the only that can answer my questions and i feel like I’m getting the truth. You’re so comforting to speak with, Deborah.

  82. Awesome! Love talking to Deborah, she takes the time to listen and run the extra mile to look for more answers.

  83. This is the first time I’ve left Robin feedback although I’ve been speaking to her for over 5 years!!! She is a one and only| I can’t put into words how great she is and simply an incredible lady. Thank you so much!

  84. Patricia was right again! Said C would contact me over the weekend, wants to see me and wants to marry me. He did text as well as say to me that he does love me and does want to marry me! We will try to make plans for tomorrow before he leaves on business again. I am hoping and praying that timing is right and this is it! Thank you a million times and for always calming me down.

  85. I always enjoy my conversations with Alice. She is very good at picking up others energy. Waiting on next set of predictions.

  86. Hopefully, I can get a hold of you soon again so we can finish the reading. Thanks for the info given though, Dorothy.

  87. It’s so hard to get a hold of this advisor but when i finally do, it’s worth it. I call Emily to confirm what other advisors have said to me and their predictions are all around the same, Just waiting for all of it to come true.

  88. There are not enough words to covey how much I appreciate you and the genuine way you care, Dominic! You are truly a gift and I am so fortunate that I am able to have you in my life! Thank you for everything.

  89. The best and very accurate. I just listen and trust her that things will unfold as she said it will. No wonder a lot of client loves ShaSha.

  90. Thank you for the reading, Zylisaa. I feel a lot better about the breakup knowing that we will see each other again. Regarding the serious situation with my son, rest assured I am not going to ignore it.

  91. This is my second reading with Brenda. She is very professional and quick. The reading was similar to the first with a few tweaks but outcome same.

  92. You have always been awesome, accurate and patient for many years! I am so thankful for you and your help, Angie. I really appreciate you. You are a true gift to so many of us!

  93. Always a pleasure and outstanding. Sena really knows what’s going on and I have faith in what she says.

  94. Wow is all I can say! 2 separate events from prior readings happened!! It was not the big one yet but these were things predicted that were so detailed and seemingly off the wall at the time I was thinking ummm sure, but they happened just like Lana said they would!

  95. Always a 5 star. You can expect a high quality reading with Robin. You will not be disappointed at all.

  96. I trust what Valerie told me. Her past prediction happened and I know that her current prediction will happen. Needs patience but I believe her.

  97. I felt like she was really accurate about me and even picked up on people in my ex’s life. No one else picked up on that and she did without me asking at all. I love you, Zara.

  98. Called to tell her that 2 of her predictions had come to pass in the timing she stated. Then had a reading on existing and new subject and it was great as usual. Missed talking to her as it had been about a month or more. Love you, Angie.

  99. She is good as always, just ran outta time but I’ll be back. Marie is someone you should get readings from.

  100. I’m so glad I could finally talk to you today, Annabelle… I’m always happy after talking to you, you are such a powerful woman and reader! I just love you, let’s hope for a good start about Ms. E!

  101. Sophia figured new stuff, so I didn’t have to even say. I’ve been speaking to her for years, but she always manages to amaze me. Sophia’s always on mark.

  102. I readlly love reading with her. Jennifer’s honest and straightforward about what she sees. I have learned to trust her advice because she’s very accurate.

  103. Amazing. She is so fast and accurate. Hannah told me something I knew was already happening that day. A gifted reader.

  104. Beth is a breath of fresh air in the psychic reading world. She conveys insight and validation received from spirit which follows true to situation. Strongest reader on PsychicOz. Strongly recommend, honest, kind, quick. Thank you.

  105. Wow! Jade was great and she wasted no time. Her insights flowed. I extended the time with her and she was well worth the price. Thank you for your gifts, Jade.

  106. Love this reader. Had a wonderfully upbeat reading with Tiffany. Some things have already come to pass.

  107. What can I say, Jacey is always my to go to! She is super nice and tells you things even if you don’t want to hear somethings that she might say but she will explain the reason why and it would all make sense!

  108. I just love Dee. She accurately describes what is going on in my life. Waiting for more predictions but I will be calling her soon for an update. She is just wonderful to speak to, like talking to a best friend.

  109. Haven’t spoken to Layla in a while but we picked back up right where we left off months ago. She’s says the worst is over!

  110. Zen is always great to talk to. She reads energy well and has always been consistent with her readings. Some of her predictions have come true and some are still pending for me. Waiting patiently for them to unfold.

  111. I’ve been reading with Carol for many years and she has been right on target. Everything she tells me happens, maybe not right away but it does. She is awesome!

  112. She gave the most in depth reading with no information from me. One of Vera’s predictions occurred the next day so I’m most certain the rest will manifest as she said. Eerily accurate and down to earth!

  113. Always so warm and easy to talk to. Sydney always gives me perspective so that I can make informed decisions.

  114. Angie may be my favorite. It’s a tossup between her and Sena. She gave a good reading that differed a little bit from the one before and that she did not see the third party anymore. I’m hoping that person is gone!

  115. She’s so friendly to speak with. Zylisaa picked up on my situation immediately. Gave great insight and I look forward to it coming into play soon.

  116. Carol seems to be right on point. We will see what predictions bring. Very fast speaker, extremely sweet.

  117. First time reading with Luke and it was phenomenal! He delivers so much information so quickly that it was hard to keep up with my notes, but he answered my questions too so that’s fine. I appreciate him!

  118. I love her. Annmarie always makes me calm when she starts reading. I have not mentioned anything about a new career but she was able to nail it down. She sees things beyond. Now waiting for the big prediction. Xoxo

  119. There aren’t enough stars to rate Vera! She digs deep into her readings and is clear about what spirit is relaying about whatever situation you are calling about. I love her!

  120. Wow, she immediately picked up what’s going on in my situation with my Poi. Vera is quick and accurate! Can’t wait for the predictions to pan out.

  121. OMG, Brooke told me I would see a fire pit somewhere a couple days after the reading and I must admit that I tried to look for one and couldn’t find one anywhere! When I stopped looking it popped right up! Amazing!

  122. Hannah continues to be a top reader for me. She has always given me practical, solid advice. Her predictions about my relationship are coming true. If you need a cheerleader and a go-to guru on your love life, then she’s the one. I adore and love this great lady to the heavens and back.

  123. My reading with Hannah was amazing! She was quick and accurate! She told me things that I did not expect at all, but which made sense if they actually happen. I can’t wait to see if your predictions are true! I really hope they are! I will come back and write about it when it happens.

  124. Very accurate. Time frames have been spot on. You will not regret calling Aurora, she is worth every penny.

  125. Wow! I am speechless. Jade is truly amazing. She knew things that blew me away and told me to be patient that it will all work out. She gave me so much information…

  126. Just one of the most fantastic psychics I have ever spoken too. Timing is great and predictions are spot on! Aurora is my go-to gal! Thank You.

  127. Annmarie is kind, honest, funny, caring, patient, and supportive. What a gifted reader and a wonderful human being.

  128. Have to say that I do not leave testimonials very often but in this regard I feel compelled to. Samantha is extremely quick with info and does not waste your time. Everything she stated was right on. Wish I would have found her sooner, could have saved tons of money and time.


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