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  1. Enjoyed reading with Hannah. Called regarding POI, who she was able to pick up on with name only. She provided lots of information. Was very patient even when I requested clarification. Looking forward to upcoming predictions in the next few months. Thanks Hannah.

  2. Thank you so much, Ivy. I was extremely happy and pleasantly surprised you messaged me on the last question when the call ended.

  3. I love Tasha! She has always been kind, down to earth and most importantly-spot on! You will never be disappointed with her!

  4. Thank you so much. I will keep in mind what you said, Rocco. It makes me so happy, at least I know now it’s not one sided.

  5. Serenity is very good and detailed and honest. I will be back once things begin to unfold.

  6. I love her. She is amazing and so intuitive and accurate. Lily is a friend to me at this point.

  7. Brooke, thank you again. I feel so lost but you give me the strength to keep going. Thank you for your patience. Lots of love for you.

  8. Hi Faith! I think you were right about the conversation having an impact on him, he popped in today to make sure I was ok and that we were ok. I hope it all happens like you see. Thank you, Faith.

  9. I am extremely grateful for Janet. She is truly a genuine individual above all the great things she’s described as. She’s positive, gentle but very confident in her predictions. Her advice is to uplift you in every way and never to judge you. Very glad I virtually met her.

  10. Sita is a gem on this site and as a person. I have been talking to her for two years and she remembers every detail. She has always been professional yet shows humanity towards her clients. Sita, you simply are the best as a psychic and well just as a human being. I wish you all the happiness this world has to offer and blessings all the way.

  11. Ivy is totally worth the wait. She has remained consistent in terms of her predictions. She is one of my go to when it comes to any questions regarding my POI. Ivy is always spot on!

  12. Brooke, I don’t know what would I do without you. A lot of predicted came to pass as you said and I’m waiting for more. Thank you for being on my side.

  13. Thank you for your clear communication, Melanie. You were on point, I’m hoping predictions come about as you said. You put me at ease, thank you!

  14. I’m struggling to believe that things will really work out but Lily remains confident so that gives me some hope. I always feel better after reading with Lily. She is very kind, understanding, and supportive. Thank you, Lily!

  15. Always a pleasure to get a reading from you Savannah. I found kitten lady…Thank you for being you.

  16. Incredible kindness, patience and skill. Just waiting for predictions to unfold. But, so grateful for her guidance and support through this journey. There are never enough stars for Dee.

  17. Rocco has become a wonderful friend and mentor throughout the past few weeks. Out of the many psychics I have talked to, Rocco is the most personable, friendly and loving. I feel his passion in every reading.

  18. There are just not enough stars for this angel. Ginnie, you are simply the best and I am so grateful to have the pleasure of speaking with you. There is never enough time to say thank you for all you do and I wish the best that life has to offer for you. I still am holding on to what you see even though circumstances have changed because I just have faith in your predictions. Stay healthy and always good vibes sending your way.

  19. Valerie is a very nice person to chat with and she gave me insight on what I was already feeling. I appreciate her so much.

  20. There will never be enough stars to rate Samara. She is absolutely one of the best advisors here. Samara’s voice is very soothing and calming. I feel the weight lifted from my heart when she reads for me through chat. She has definitely become a well trusted friend who remains patient and nonjudgmental.

  21. It is like talking to a best friend but someone who can see the whole picture. Zara is fantastic.

  22. Tula, what would I do with out you. Thank you so much for always listening to all my concern. Everything is unfolding as you said.

  23. Dorina is absolutely amazing. She has given me hope when I needed and guidance through difficult times. She remains kind, patient and non-judgmental. She has made predictions that have come to pass. There are many times I doubted her and Dorina proved me wrong.

  24. My reading with Lily was great. She answered my questions and concerns. She is an awesome reader and I highly recommend her.

  25. Annabelle is my favorite psychic now. She knows everything before I can even open my mouth and she’s on point.

  26. There is something about Ginnie and what she predicts. Only time will tell but what she does predict just connects with you.

  27. I finally got to read with the infamous Ivy. Unfortunately, it was very brief as I did not have all that many minutes and the chat took up a lot of time. I will read with her again but next time I’ll choose a phone reading. Thank you!

  28. Very compassionate, should see how prediction will pan out. You reassured me of something that I almost about to jump out of. I appreciate you so much, Dom.

  29. Thank you! I’ve been very confused and you helped me to work through my thoughts with your insight, Karen. Thanks again.

  30. Lila is an honest, reliable and gifted reader. She’s the real deal as she sees what she sees, she feels what she feels and she gives it to you straight up. Timeliness are pretty spot on too. Thank you, Lila.

  31. Excellent. It is easy to see how Dorina gets such high marks! My first time reading with her and she was friendly, direct, insightful and genuine. Honed right in on the POI and gave solid answers and timeline.

  32. I can honestly say that Carolyn makes me more of a believer. I try to get a hold of her when there is something really pressing. She correctly predicted a certain event and importantly, nailed the timeline perfectly. Certainly worth the wait in my experience.

  33. Excellent reading with Audrey as usual. She’s very intuitive and gave me confirmation on few things. I see why she’s in demand and is definitely worth the wait.

  34. I don’t know why the Universe is playing games with my mind, I think it’s better for me to be a nun lol. I will call back soon, Beth.

  35. Ginger, thank you as always for your insights and thank you for sending me additional assurance with your message.

  36. Molly is the best and always tells what she is seeing. When she sees something consistently and clearly, she lets you know and I am praying her insights, visions and skills are on for this one!

  37. Thanks Luke for your follow up message… I was waiting for one part of your prediction to leave a review. You told me between 2-4 weeks and M will contact me… he did. I will try to talk to you at some point and update you.

  38. You were right, he did contact me. He did want to see me but he gave me a condition and I couldn’t do it. Thank you, Kate.

  39. Hey ShaSha, it was a pleasure speaking to you. I will update you on R when I call back. You’re on my favorite list now. Have a blessed day!

  40. Ginnie, your amazing. I enjoy reading with you. You always leave me smiling and feeling better. I will update you if anything happens.


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