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  1. Thanks for all of your wonderful insights and help!!

  2. Thanks for all of your wonderful insights and help!!

  3. Wonderful psychic with practical advice.thank you Harper

  4. Aldwyn, thank you for a wonderful reading! It was great and I look forward to the future! Xoxo

  5. Lucas , your amazing like always and you know how I feel and my situation. You always have the right words to say. Your so full of love and peace. Your honesty and comprehension means alot to me. Your my number 1 in my heart. Your not judgemental. Thank you for being there when I need to talk to love you and have an awesome day.

  6. Portia, thank you for a wonderful reading! It was great and I look forward to the future! Xoxo

  7. RainbowLove thank you…. you have been great predictions have happened he reached out today and told me he misses me…

  8. “Thulla, thank you for listening. It’s a pleasure in conversing with you and
    your insights are welecome.”

  9. Love my Thulla!!

  10. ” Portia thank you again for being there for me!! Means so much to me at
    this time!”

  11. “MysticSage is really quick, she’s got tremendous compassion and
    integrity, and she has a really clear view of what’s really going on.
    I appreciate her straightforward style, and she’s got a great sense
    of humor, as well. At her per-minute rate, her skills are a bargain.”

  12. “I can’t say enough about MysticTopas’s capacity as a reader.
    She’s very insightful, she’s straightforward while being
    deeply compassionate, she’s got bulletproof integrity, and
    she can see the larger context in which people can grow
    emotionally & spiritually from the particular conundrum
    they’re facing. I called her for a weather report on a
    friend who hit a rough patch this last weekend (this
    Jupiter/Uranus conjunction or whatever is making all my
    friends lose their sh*t), and she gave me what I asked for
    plus a couple of gems that put me more-at-ease. And her
    skillset is a bargain at her usual rate…”

  13. “Aldwyn thank you as always! It was good to hear your voice again after my

  14. She amasses me every time about what she picks up from me and what I’m feeling before even telling her. Trust!!

  15. Jennifer Castor

    It was a treat to call LadyLight. She really helped me see through my chaos and gave clarity on the thing that was bothering me. She knew right away what was troubling me without me having to give her a lot of info which came as a surprise to me. I would love to get another reading soon from her.

  16. I did not have time to say thank you!! This reading was awesome bc, not only did she totally nail the people involved, Bella was able to really help me understand the effect someone was having on me and I didn’t even realize it…Her insight was great.

  17. Georgina Lewis

    Always amazingly reassuring! This spiritual journey has pushed me to the breaking point many times over this past year, but he always brings me back to where I need to be! Putting predictions and similar things aside, Seer2020 is a truly gifted teacher, healer, and beautiful soul with a heart of gold!

  18. MissTula is really amazing!!! You will feel the connection and you were like talking to your best friend! She will tell you everything even though you haven’t ask any questions yet. Everything she told me about me is really true. And he described my boyfriend exactly what kind of a person he is. I will wait and see soon if everything gonna happen. And will definitely chat or call with MissTula again. Thank you very much MissTula! God bless!

  19. Catalina, this is Jessica. You gave me a reading about my coworker the other day and I can’t thank you enough. Your reading was so accurate and insightful, it just puts peace to my mind. God bless you.

  20. Honestly I don’t know what I would do without Prema’s healing and support. Anytime I need peace and healing, I reach out to her. She sees things that are in my best interest and always says things in a honest and loving way. She is very nurturing. At the end of the day, it’s about our journey and self love. Thank you as always! xo

  21. There’s only one TrueWisom. What an intuitive, caring and unique woman.

  22. Thank you! Jaya’s reading about my situation immediately resonated with me. You’ll be my go to adviser from now on.

  23. I was told that I should wait for Nicola and now I know why….blessings… knew about the Karma, but didn’t dwell on the negative….gave me a picture of what I have accomplished! I needed that! Thanks.

  24. Always enjoy our readings. Thanks for the advice. She is always a pleasure to talk to.

  25. Cyndi was nice and did pick up on some things . Just incredible. She is my favorite. She is a must-read.

  26. Missj is amazing! Truly gifted. Unfortunately ran out of funds and our reading was cut short. Will be back soon. Thank you, Kim from my heart.

  27. Prediction and timing came to pass TarotBae. Thank you. Will call you. Thank you.

  28. TarotBae has been my rock of gibralter. I have approached her in times of frustration, fear and disbelief and she has unfailingly been patient and calming to me and very accurate and detailed in her readings. All that she has seen for me has turned out true and one event is taking time as she has been saying all along. TarotBae, thanks a million for your patience, honesty and generosity. i am very glad to know a lovely human being like you.

  29. Prema is amazing as always! I truly sense that she cares, and we always pick up where we leave off. She is an amazing reader and I count on her for her guidance and the information coming through:) Thank you for always being in my corner!

  30. “Really good reading..Suzanna was very kind compassionate and picked up a lot!! I hope her predictions come to pass because they were good. Quick connection, sees auras too.”

  31. It was a good call with LadyLight. Was looking for specific answers, told me things I know already. Will call again.

  32. She gave me good information about what I have been going through and what I need to focus on. I can really lean on you MysticTopaz.

  33. I’m reviewing my reading about a week later. WOW. The seemingly impossible turnaround just happened yesterday. It’s been eye opening to say the least. Even though it was predicted, I didn’t see it coming to pass. Now just waiting for the rest to unfold in the next month or so. Amazing Rasharlon!

  34. His reading of the cards are very good. He explains them to the t. Out of all of the psychics I’ve had a reading with, which is a lot, his prediction are the most accurate. Im waiting for one now and hopefully it will happen. Thank you Valentine. I highly recommend him. He is also very very kind.

  35. I love love love love talking with him! He is accurate and to the point! I didn’t have to give any info. Just my name and my mates name. I’m so happy about my reading! Thank you so much Seer2020!!

  36. She was awesome and straight to the point. Very concise with her predictions. I will definitely call Robin back!

  37. I’ve been using this service for over a year now and this is the first psychic I connected with. She gave me so much reassurance and a lot to take away. I will be doing the things Fiona said in order to help my relationship. I’m beyond grateful.

  38. Absolutely love this advisor!! Robin gave me the light that i am looking for.

  39. Today, I had another chat reading with Fiona and she was right again regarding a future project that I was thinking about starting. I gave her no prior information and she was spot on.

  40. It will be a little bit before I know if anything she said will happen does but she was right on with some of the stuff she told me. Many of the things Fiona said about me were right on and I didn’t say anything to lead her on or give her hints. I really like Fiona and hope to use her again in the future.

  41. This was my first time reading with Annmarie. She was very sweet and made a prediction about a guy I would meet and when I would meet him — and the reading was full on details which is good. Not a waste of time.

  42. Thank you so much for the positive energy! I will recommend Jenny, she is very accurate.

  43. Christine Wells

    Thank you so much for the positive energy! I will recommend Alia. She is very accurate.

  44. As always, Annmarie calms me down. She is the best!!!

  45. Doreen is truly amazing. She senses things immediately and she has been right on her predictions. Her guidance has been absolutely incredible and I have certainly found a lot more peace. She also allowed me to bring positivity into my life. I highly recommend Doreen.

  46. Michelle Krueger

    I’d really like to thank you Gigi. Amazing reading by an amazing spirit! So much insight and guidance. I love your energy too 🙂 I feel revitalized, confident and more knowledgeable after our chats I will be back:)

  47. Blanche Keller

    Hunter is amazing. Hunter picks up on energies immediately. I keep coming back to her for clarity on some issues. She has never wavered in her readings at all! Completely amazing.

  48. Subrina is remarkable!!! Prediction came true. She said I would get the internship. And A week later I did!!! She’s always spot on!!!!! Thanks!!

  49. Alexandra Wood

    This is the third day in a row that I have turned to MysticTopaz for advice. She has been so understanding and patient with me as I sort out my issues. I have received great advice and coping mechanisms from this wonderful lady. My hope is to speak with her “live” one of these days so I can get more time for my questions.

  50. Gretchen Barclay

    I have new hope for the future thanks to Robin! I am truly thankful that I found her and wants everyone to know what a lovely and gifted person she is. Thanks :)=

  51. Melissa always shows so much love for me. She is the best. 100% accurate and what she predicted came to fruition.

  52. Loved her style; felt like I was talking to a good friend– Jenny’s realistic, optimistic, consistent with other top readers

  53. Fiona is one of my favs. She will help you at your lowest, take you out of it and guide you for Sure.

  54. Julia, when I speak with you it is so uplifting.. my kitties are doing well they bring me a lot joy. I hope you are right in meeting a new love in my life.. I really look forward to having companionship and love again. Julia, you always have my best interest at heart though you have never met me.. but thank you so much for your reading and I will keep you posted in the future about meeting a new love. Thank you.

  55. Thank you my dearest Serenity, my dearest friend and advisor for giving me the perspective I needed this evening to apprehend, understand, and learn from this latest rather challenging development in the journey my love and I are undertaking. You always speak the unadulterated truth and bring such wisdom to every issue I put forth in front of you. If I said this once, I said it a hundred times: Serenity is the mouthpiece of Heaven. There is no one like her, no one even close!

  56. Nikki Kroustalis

    Always a great reading, Melissa’s predictions always come to light, I am looking forward to when it happens!

  57. Julia, last we spoke I forgot to say “Thank you so much”. I knew I wouldn’t be able to speak to you, today. I hope you get this message in time 🙂

  58. Caroline Smithson

    Katerena is one of a kind. This woman is the sweetest person! She remembers me and remembers details of our conversations and doesnt waste my time. There is a reason she is one of the best!!

  59. Hello Serena, just want to say thank you.. for the reading. Also I sent you a thank you card I hope you got it…It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for all of your insight. Kathy the Capricorn.

  60. Ginnie is a Renaissance person who is so versatile in understanding and addressing each individual’s concerns about the past, present and future. Ginnie is “spot on”.

  61. Beth is an excellent reader. My first reading with her earlier this year she saw things that were impossible for her to know.My last reading with her was spot on….including a date that I would hear back from someone dear.She sees my situation very clearly and her predictions are coming to pass.Thank you Beth, my New World is getting better than before because of your guidance.

  62. She is AMAZING!! She predicted I would just get another job opportunity fall into my lap right between my other two interviews… I was skeptical… Well something I had interviewed for over the summer came back to me … it was my dream position and I am happily working there!! HER PREDICTIONS are on point!! Try her GINNIE IS EXCELLENT!!

  63. She is so good!! Scary amazing that she’s so spot on. HER PREDICTIONS are on point!! Try her Beth is excellent!!

  64. I am still absorbing everything he said. Liam is very comforting and I believe truthful. I am going to do his advice and suggestions. His voice and words will stay with me a long time!

  65. Lovely and straightforward. I love CherryLyn’s knowledge of astrology. Thanks!

  66. Jacquelyn is scary and eerily accurate with details… You should try her.

  67. Thank you so much Tula. You are such an angel and i appreciate your honesty.

  68. Noel is always great to talk to!! Always on point & so reassuring!! Thank you much my friend!!!

  69. It was a pleasure speaking with Sophia. Thanks as always, hoping this journey ends soon!!

  70. Melissa is lovely to speak with, always positive regardless of situation at hand.

  71. A sweetheart! You are truly gifted Emma. Thank you for your kindness and patience. Many blessings to you always 🙂

  72. Emma made me laugh and cry. She just knows things. So thankful.

  73. I am so glad I got to talk to you last night Tula. I always feel so much better and uplifted after our talks! Putting aside psychic abilities that are absolutely amazing.

  74. Alex, i got to talk to L tonight… the whole thing was weird but i found out just how much crap his sister Lisa has put in his head so he is very confused… BUT he said he loves me and misses me..You were right…

  75. Thank you for your reading Martha. You gave a realistic prediction & looking forward to seeing it transpire!

  76. She calms me down even if I can only talk for a few minutes. I am already in line to talk again. I literally don’t know how I ever survived without her before. Brandy always gives a great reading and she’s very understanding.

  77. Tula is always reassuring me and sees the same thing everytime. She even puts up with all my worrying.

  78. Linda’s been accurate and i’m saying years back accurate! Linda saw me doing permanent makeup and somethings about my man that have come to fruition! In line to chat again, Cant wait to re connect to finish the conversation with Linda. Thank you!

  79. What a wonderfully grounded, compassionate, gifted reader. I felt comfortable speaking with Chantelle and she clearly was able to let me know what I needed to know. We connected well and she was able to get into a very convoluted mind. I recommend Chantelle highly. She’s worth the time and money and she will not waste either.

  80. I was up tonight and thought about Dora!! I hope you’re doing well. I must say I am more then impressed on how SPOT ON you’ve been through each reading I’ve had with you. I mean to the T as if you are in the other person’s mind. It’s absolutely amazing. I’m waiting to see what else unfolds, but I wanted to confirm a lot of what you said was insanely accurate! I’ll try to call again soon! Sending my love!

  81. Thank you for all your guidance CherryLyn.. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for everything again!

  82. You were right thank you.. You are truly gifted Sita and I have so much faith in you that things will unfold the way you see it for me. Thank you.

  83. My favorite!! Sending love to you Helen! Thank you for being my rock.

  84. Alex, you are a blessing talking to. You makes me feel so much better about what’s going on around me I will keep you posted talk to you soon.

  85. Simply the best. I asked my question and Noel gave precise answers that she could not have guessed. I was impressed. Thank you for your great insight. I will talk to you again in a few weeks.

  86. Shemere is so mind blowing. Ididn’t even drop a hint but yet was able to still pick up and validate things which is what I like in readings vs you having to tell an advisor something and then they just go off that.

  87. Thanks for being on this journey with me, it hasn’t been easy! God bless Sarah!

  88. It has been at least a year since I have talked to Noel and she still remembered me! Noel is the most amazing woman, psychic, friend and angel! I truly truly appreciate you!!!

  89. Another great call with Alex. It is so comforting how Alex remembers me and so friendly and caring. I feel like I am talking to a friend I known for a long time. Anyways, my same dilemma or focus is what we talk about and Alex reminded me of waiting for Mars to end retrograde and movement will happen. Gave a timeline for communication and movement from him. I will be calling back for another read in a few weeks.

  90. Thank you dear sweet, wonderful, magical Tula. I always enjoy our talks! Your guidance and clarity help me navigate the wild and crazy thing I call my life! You have a wonderful calming and uber kind way of presenting your readings. You are like my sister, shrink, best friend and main confidant all rolled into one beautiful voice on the other end of the telephone.

  91. I had a 2nd call with Ruby and again able to validate her connection. It’s a sure thing, 100%, my friend and I will be in a romantic relationship. I do not need to worry I’m leaving my job. It is how him and I will get together.

  92. Excellent! I adore him! Kind, compassionate, honest and oh yes accurate! Thank you Alex for all your support and guidance over the past couple years.

  93. Paula is amazing! She’s able to see details so quickly. One time she even knew I had a poodle. Knew my ex was on Meds. She knew a certain guy wanted things light and casual and wasn’t yet ready for serious and would take time to commit. She just knows things! Thanks for everything Paula. I will continue to keep you updated.

  94. Ruby, I didnt get to thank you before my seconds expired but thank you so very much Ruby. I sincerely appreciate your kind and gentle approach. You helped calm my anxieties. I shall call again. Thank you!!!

  95. Martha, you asked about a leg injury and I had said that it might be the guy I am asking about and not me. I realized now that it was me! I’ve been getting leg pains from time to time and forgot about it. lol. Thank you Martha! Always well tuned-in and amazing!

  96. Thank you for being there for me Sita. I will let you know when I do. Your amazing and kind. Thank you.

  97. I first contacted Lisa earlier. I did not write the review then because I was waiting for the prediction to come. Sure enough, they came through one after another. Not only her predictions come true, she sees, feels, and hears things that nobody knows but me. She is like the missing puzzle for my situation. Everything makes total sense after I talked with her. I can’t express how thankful I am. Lisa is the best. Love her.

  98. Whether it be a fifteen minute check-in type of chat or a fifty minute bare-it-all session, all my readings with Robin eventually wrap me at once, with the quietude and clarity that i need at the time. She gives all this with unfailing wisdom, honesty, accuracy and always with such understanding of your being and caring for your soul! She is a treasure beyond compare.

  99. Hi Georgina, Thank you so much for everything today and sending me and my situation healing energy! You’re an angel.

  100. Absolutely amazing and well worth the wait! I’ve never had an advisor pick up on so many details before, I should have talked to Georgina months ago. I am blown away by the things she picked up on. So in tune with everything about my relationship situation, my personality type and what I have going on in my life. She described the person in question in so much detail, it could not be any more accurate. She affirmed that I made the right decision in moving on and gave me the confidence. I need to move forward in my life.

  101. Always a total joy to read with Robin. I love the astrology aspect. She is SO cerebral! Sweet, kind, always hits something and most the times, several things, straight on. Calming and funny! Wonderful. Blessings to you!

  102. My go to when my heart is going crazy and my anxiety is high. Jayson is always right with his predictions.

  103. Luke is soo worth the wait!!! He has left me speechless! I am truly amazed by his gifts and so thankful that he takes the time to share them with us!

  104. Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said about Serenity. First of all, Serenity is my guiding light. I don’t know how else to put that. She knew right off the bat about everything. I believe in her so much that I keep coming back. I would be absolutely elated if this man finally came forward. So the big question is, will he or won’t he? Well, If Serenity sees it…

  105. I seldom review about how accurate Loriann is with time lines because, while like everyone else I would like to have some sense of when things might obtain, I infinitely value more the outcome of what is seen rather than when it is likely to unfold. Yesterday she said “He will call you tomorrow” and call me he did indeed today. But, again, it bears repeating that the gift Loriann brings to me is so much more profound and steadfast than timelines. Thank you Loriann!

  106. Dora, you are always on your game and the best! Thank you. I am sorry it took me so long to post this.


    Jacquelyn is wonderful! You are truly amazing at keeping me focused so I have the courage and strength to face the challenges.

  108. Thanks Jazmine for your advice and insight. I spoke with one of my friends who works with G. She said he looks awful lately, his hair is not well looked after. I believe that he is drinking and depressed like you said. Blessings to you.

  109. Lisanta Shuford

    Nicholas was absolutely amazing… He read everything like she was there going thru it all with me. Nicholas knew about my recent divorce and the relationship I have now and everything that was going on around me. I cant wait for predictions to come to pass.

  110. OMG. Angelica knows it all. She offers the deepest of truths. I have said this before but it bears repeating: Angelica is the mouthpiece of God, a vessel of all that is good and lasting, I trust her with all that I am.

  111. Ginger, I read the message from you today. by that magnificent soul Rumi. In my last post after my reading with you, I said that “”You are music.”” I should add “”and poetry.”” Nothing rejuvenates the heart better than these two heavenly and you, Ginger, have both in spades!

  112. Loved my reading! Alex is helping me to be brave. Very accurate. Love her.

  113. Wonderful! Stella, thank you for walking this journey with me and helping me try to navigate thru this. I could not do this without you.

  114. Never enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you, Luke. You truly are an angel sent from above..

  115. Ohh, I like Gabrielle!! She is fast and accurate. Gabrielle told me that the guy I likes me and that something will happen between us but something is blocking him. What I want to happen will happen, but I am to proceed with caution.

  116. Sandy Morningstar

    Awesome! Ginnie is truly gifted but then again, she is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest gifts from the Universe to us.

  117. Thank you for being there for me Ginnie. Thank you for being me ground and giving me amazing details.

  118. Dashtaki Rustom

    The kindest advisor with the most generous and giving spirit! Thank you so very much for all you have said, predicted and especially for sharing your incredible gift to me and to so many other. God Bless Sita!

  119. Edna Addertion

    Very accurate information and did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but the truth. And no matter how much the truth hurts, it”s a lot better than someone telling you something that isn’t true and you believing it with all your heart. That happens way to much with a lot of psychics, but not with Tula.

  120. Sita is amazing. She picked up on many things. I spoke to several psychics to see the best one that doesn’t give general readings that can be used for everyone. She’s quick and direct.

  121. Ginnie is one of the most beautiful people I know. I love you miss you and thank you. Ginnie is wise, compassionate, understanding and such a caring soul. To me she is priceless.

  122. Ginnie, you are amazing! You’re accuracy with detail is unbelievable. You nailed the person in question to the tee. I will take your advice. You will definitely hear from me again. Thank you!!

  123. Glenda Hinnant

    Leona always brings such clarity and depth to any situation you bring before her. Her intelligence and depth add such dimensional to her metaphysical gifts. It was such a pleasure to share my spiritual experience with her last week.

  124. Noel, you were right! I can’t believe it. After years of talking to psychics something predicted has happened. Will be talking to you soon.

  125. Great meeting you, Alex! The reading was dead on & very helpful!

  126. Uchenna Ekwensi

    5 stars for the reading for Sita! She’s very reliable.

  127. She has the real gift. Great reading as always with Tina! We will talk soon!

  128. Andrea Chappell

    As I felt along with a number of people about a lady I care at a work place, the situation is declining and not the mutual idea of two persons. I appreciate Rita’s honesty, advice and insights about the matter.

  129. Heidy, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for all your help and advice. I hope to call you soon with good news.

  130. So far, what Ginnie said has come to pass. She said that my ex would contact me between in 2 weeks and he did. Also, she is very nice to speak to.

  131. I really need to learn how to settle down! I am so glad I have you and a couple favorites to talk to. You keep me sane, Katherine!!

  132. Excellent! You did great, Benjamin. Thank you for all the patience.

  133. Michael, I look forward to each and every reading. You are not only a gifted medium but a lovely person. I feel truly blessed with each and every reading. All the best to you now, and always! Thank you!

  134. Latonya Stinson

    I am absolutely speechless right now. I have been reading with Amelia for months, and while I’m still waiting for my main prediction to come to fruition, She had just had messages break through today that relate to another area of my life that gave me chills! The spirit that came through relayed every accurate detail about another area of my life.

  135. Terry McDaniels

    Beth, thanks for being there when i needed you. You are a real gem and a master psychic. I am glad to have you in my journey.

  136. Emma Malinowski

    I am so glad I have you to talk to. Tula, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  137. I feel like I won the lottery when I am able to reach you! Thank you so much Dee.

  138. Charity Campbell

    Katherine, thank you for your advice. I did not have too much time because I took a wrong decision to talk with a different advisor because you were so busy and I waist my time and money. You are great!!!

  139. Carol, thank you for your guidance. You always amazed me with your accuracy. You gave a detailed information which is what I need. Thank you so so so much.

  140. Wow Nancy, you were right about the party thing you told me about, and the matching thing too….excellent!!!

  141. Thank you for pointing out everything. You’re as good as ever. She’s accurate.

  142. Ginnie, I’m here to say I was WRONG with my comment prior to this…..I HAD NO IDEA 🙁 that the prediction you gave me was the end result….you mentioned an open house…then you mentioned a woman leading her hubby by the hand “I” was under the impression the two went hand in hand….that it was suppose to take place at the same time…I misunderstood the reading. I know you are good at what you do and I was sad that what “I” thought was suppose to happen didn’t. I get it now. ..retracting the 3 stars and adding 5.

  143. Awesome! Thank you so very much Alex, I feel so much better knowing what you told me, I was so down in the dumps. I will def. chat with you again. Alex, you have a wonderful personality, makes you feel like your old buddies.

  144. As always, many thanks and much love to my dear psychic friend! I will continue to keep the faith while letting go–a tough balance–but I do have faith and am up to the challenge. Ari, thank you for continuing to be resolute in what you see.

  145. Scarlett, another one of your predictions came true! Love all that you do for me Scarlett —You are the best 🙂

  146. Always awesome; I can’t possibly give enough praise to Alicia.

  147. Amber was really good told me things other psychics have mentioned and she was very calm and nice and very informative.

  148. Debra, thank you for a heads-up about my current job and for words of encouragement about my interview next week The fact that you have good feeling about my interview makes me a little calmer. I hope I will try to follow your advice:-)

  149. Tula, I loved talking to you. I feel strongly that everything you said will come true, I will keep in touch.

  150. I really enjoyed speaking to Shelly. She’s very straight forward, explaining she uses astrology for career.

  151. Wow Sita, you said I’d hear more song “signs” and not more than 30 minutes after we hung up, one of “the” songs came on the radio! You are fantastic. Thank you!

  152. Molly, you are fantastic. You have helped me so much. Two things Molly predicted happened this week.

  153. Dee is excellent. She really knows her stuff will call again!

  154. Robin is always my #1 go to advisor! Words cannot express how grateful I am for the wisdom & guidance she has given me! I highly recommend her! You will be amazed!

  155. Thank you, Doris! What a nice conversation…Hugs!

  156. Thank you so much, Donovan… it happened the same day that we spoke later in the afternoon!

  157. You’re very accurate. Danielle, I’ll call you back.

  158. Sita really nailed my situation! She sees the middle of the month for contact & restarting of the relationship. She even told me how to handle things for the best outcome! Wow! Will keep you posted. Thank you for your guidance!

  159. I needed to hear the truth. Thank you.

  160. Katerena, every time I need someone to talk to, you are online and you are available. I can’t thank my spirit guide enough for such easy access to you, Katerena. I could not have made it through the tough times without you. Thank you for being there just when I need you.

  161. Dear Sita- change that runner! Thanks again for your honesty and encouragement!

  162. Josephine completely blows me away with her accuracy and ability to see through the very heart of the matter. Wonderful reading as always!

  163. Dee’s reading was so accurate. Thank you Dee for putting my mind at ease. I truly appreciate your insight and help on my current situation.

  164. Katerena was excellent! I have only great things to say about her.

  165. Thank you for another outstanding reading! Dakota, you just hit everything on point as in, wow!

  166. Ashley gives a very descriptive reading and has a great calming ability!

  167. I love Sita! Its been a month since we spoke, Sita. You still tune in on A- You’re still sticking to your predictions.

  168. Jessica knew just what I felt the night I went out with my potential guy. Her astrological sense is a great help also!

  169. Ashley, as always you ground me which is a good thing! Thank you and I look forward to our next chat.

  170. Lupe is always good! Very gifted lady!

  171. She totally got my heart broken. the next day after telling me that me and my POI was going to be long term, he broke up with me but I know it will happen. She just seen the future. Thank you for not giving me false hope, Camille.

  172. You’re always the best, Debra. Ran out of time but will call you soon!

  173. My daughter did not get the position we were talking about. I should’ve listened to you, Jasmine. Thank you.

  174. Thank you Katerena for being honest and not wasting time or money.

  175. Constance Jeffries

    Miranda, you always make me feel calm when I am extremely stressed and worried about my situation with Charlie. Over these last three years you’ve been with me helping guiding me through this with Charlie and it looks like things may turn around for us you always told me that he’s coming back and sometimes I lose faith.

  176. Always excellent and she’s spot on! Lotti is the best.

  177. Very detailed and spot on! Robin gave me clarity and help me get back on my tracks. She said things that made it clear to me of why I am on my tracks to begin with. My session ended but I definitely recommend Robin! Thank you!

  178. Debbie was so sweet and super informative. I am completely new to this kind of thing and it was extremely insightful. She is a great fit for anyone.

  179. Tula, thank you so much for connecting me with my boyfriend. You have been able to answer my questions and know details that only he and I have shared. You have helped me through this very difficult process and I look forward to the next time we get to talk. Thank you.

  180. Outstanding, warm and spot on reading. Lupe gently grounds you in your truth so you can move forward in your life. While change may be eminent, her readings put you at ease. I can’t thank her enough!

  181. Loving, kind, compassionate, straight forward and gives amazing guidance. Thank you so much, Serenity.

  182. Maya was cheerful and positive throughout my reading. She just made me feel light and hopeful for the future.

  183. I had a second reading with Serenity and she almost said the same as before. Serenity tells the truth and is not fishing for info. Thank you.

  184. Maya answered a lot… She’s very helpful and I’m very amazed with her.

  185. Excellent, she is so knowledgeable. Ari hit it right on. She’s so accurate.

  186. Eddie, you are a gold. Thank you for explanation and reading his mind 🙂 Incredibly helpful.

  187. Debra is incredible! She said something at the very end of the reading that exactly answered a question I had even before I started the reading. I actually didn’t even ask that exact question, but was truly amazed when she just answered it for me!! I think she really has a gift and I will check back with her again soon. She also made some predictions so we will see if those come to be.

  188. She wasn’t kidding when she warned me that December would be a difficult month for me. It was a rough ride indeed and I’m happy I wasn’t blindsided. Thankfully, she says this next year will be a much better year for me, and I look forward to that prediction coming true.

  189. Debra is an amazing empath. 2 weeks ago, she advised me to not respond to the guy I’m dating and that he will fix the issue. It happened a week ago and he fixed the issue. Yesterday him and I got into a disagreement. Debra was able to pick up right away the disagreement and she repeated verbatim what the guy said to me. She also gave me great advice.

  190. Armed with the results of Tammy’s accurate and insightful reading about figures strewn all along my path, I now navigate through work with confidence and the tools I need to continue on my journey towards a fulfilling career. Tammy’s one of the best at reading others and their thoughts. She never disappoints. Thank you, Tammy.

  191. Amber is fast and picks person in the reading quickly.

  192. Eliza Anderson

    Tammy is amazing! She connects to the situation without any input from me. She knows things like, what have been said to each other and how the other person reacted. She’s a great empath!

  193. Good. This was an interesting reading. Troy was very honest.

  194. Love Aurora, she always keeps it real! Aurora is trustworthy and you can count on her.

  195. This young woman is an amazingly quick empath.. Aurora is the fastest I have ever spoken to and she answers sometimes before the question is even out of my mouth. I have been through three months of hell with a person and she was accurate and there for me through most of it. I will call her from now on. At first I doubted her months back, but she turned out to be correct, 100 percent.

  196. Thank you Maya for your support and for always being there for me!

  197. Sena is so blunt! I love her for it. She doesnt sugarcoat the truth.

  198. Bettina dove right in. Felt the connection to the situation. I have a strong feeling that what she says will come to pass.

  199. Cherie is an extraordinary empath. She was able to read the individual I called about like no other!

  200. Dora is always quick to pick up on the topic of inquiry. I’ve always consulted Dora for quick and honest answers. She can get into the person’s head!

  201. Always know exactly what the problem is, Her predictions are true and real! Aurora amaze me every time! Love her!

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    I like the way she can talk to anyone’s guide! Aurora is an epitome of a real psychic.

  203. Shelly is excellent! She gave me answers to my questions without having a clue about a situation. Shelly is quick, and some people complained that they felt rushed but to me it is a plus, she saves our time and money. Thank you again.

  204. Thank you Tula for shedding some light on his feelings. Also, you picked up on my new job. You are amazing.

  205. Arya is fantastic, accurate and truthful. Although she means well in other ways, I truly appreciate her most as a trusted advisor to me.

  206. I am completely impressed. Will is so sweet and funny too. Definitely my first and my fav!

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  208. Always a pleasure to read with her. Thank you, Shelly.

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  211. She is the real thing I’m so blessed to have found her she’s amazing. Thank you Rose for sharing your gift another wonderful reading.

  212. She’s very nice to speak with. I didn’t go wrong when I chose Ginnie.

  213. Shana is very good and did an interesting reading. She speaks with the spirit and gets direct answers. Shana was quick with many details. Waiting to see if her predictions come true.

  214. Samara is always good. I read how folks say the reading changed. I think that’s what is forgotten, how often we can think about something and our views can change…

  215. Shelly did it again! She nailed my situation so quickly! I inquired and she delivered. She is just amazing!

  216. Thank you Katherine. You were right about everything!

  217. Michelle Christensen

    Aurora has sounded like the person I’ve asked her to tune in to. She actually almost becomes the person she’s tuning in to, that’s how connected she can get.

  218. I had 2 more questions and Sena confirmed my intuition!

  219. OMG! I was so impressed with Melissa. I gave her very lil info and she described & knew very detail w/out me saying a word. Melissa, I’m glad I found u!

  220. Oh my God! She got a gift call her and be amazed and blessed. Katerena is really gifted.

  221. Amazing as always!!! You’re missing out if you won’t call Camille!

  222. Robin gave me a reading that was amazing. She could literally picture things that pertain to my situation and said key phrases verbatim for what other people had said to me. Her insight is uncanny.

  223. Saul told me the truth even though that truth was the most painful of my life… I am thankful for that.

  224. She seem to know a lot! Waiting for predictions! Thank you, Michele.

  225. Absolutely gifted. As always, Stephanie is ‘on spot’ and informative. Stephanie is helping me navigate life.

  226. Once again had a great reading with Michele! Very accurate as usual. Thanks!

  227. Cecilia is very accurate, helpful and kind. I appreciated her guidance.

  228. This was a very powerful reading for me with Samara. I appreciate how honest, thorough and kind she is. I also appreciate Samara’s presence and how deeply she listens to me and the guidance shared, conveying with precision what she receives.

  229. Sophie was just wonderful! I have talked to several advisors here and so far she seems like the only one that really knows how to read your situation. One of her prediction came true already, so I am just waiting for other predictions to happen. Thank you and I will be in touch with you again soon 🙂

  230. Things came to pass on this one. I was worried about negative outcomes, but things got better. Ginnie’s predicted negative stuff that sadly was true but it helped. She didn’t carve fairy tales or false hope like others.

  231. Cecilia is very sweet. Had a very positive reading with her. Hope it turns out as she saw it. She answered all questions clearly.

  232. Isabella, you are a blessing! I have been praying and praying and I feel I was guided to you tonight. You gave me hope and sanity that was so needed. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

  233. Carol was able to give me very nitty gritty details that helped me make some key decisions.

  234. April is an amazing soul. She has helped me clarify so many issues that were life changing. Her quiet but so powerful support is immense.

  235. She told me the hard facts but deep inside I already knew that this would be my scenario! She did however give me hope for a future that I wish for… I will take her advice I pray the big picture she sees will eventually happen! Robin, if you read this thank you so very much!

  236. Couldn’t live without her. Sable’s my touch stone. Highly recommend.

  237. Camille, I am quite blown away by your reading. You can really read the situation and people extremely well. You even described the ring I was wearing, amazing! Thank you so much. You are definitely one of my favorite and trusted readers.

  238. Love her to death. Robin is a straight up, pure, genuine psychic that will knock your socks off. She’ll give you details, details, details. I’ve always had fantastic sessions with her.

  239. Shana is astonishing! Correct on at least 90 percent of the information with only names and birthdates.

  240. Robin was spot on. I will definitely get another reading from her.

  241. Very good. Ginnie, you’re a unique ray of light and I am lucky to have gotten a glimpse of that today.

  242. Amazing! Olivia’s the best ever and she gave an incredible description of person on question. She is great. Thank you so much.

  243. Ronnie came up with exact circumstances that she could not have know without her gift. She had a very clear and accurate picture of the person in question, right down to him standing over me cooking, criticizing the way I did it. I am blown away!

  244. As always you are right on. Jennifer, you are amazing. I’m waiting for another reading to put my mind at ease. Hope I get to talk soon.

  245. Awesome reading! Thanks for information, Barbara. I loved talking to you, you are a amazing person. Hoping to talk to you soon.

  246. I don’t know what I would do without Audrey. I have been going through something for so long and she has been there to guide me and comfort me thru this without fail. Although I am always filled with doubt, fear, pain and worry, the Creator along with Audrey’s gift and wisdom helps me to stay on course. Thank you.

  247. Always awesome! Lots of love to you my dear Helen!

  248. Florence Farzanfar

    Jasmine is an incredible psychic and an Angel sent by heaven. She is loving, kind and most important of all in tune to my situation and very accurate.

  249. Consistently amazing. Raven deserves a lot of 5 starts. She’s been very helpful to her clients.

  250. Sage has been my favorite for a several years now! She’s always right on and can even read my little cat. Sage is loving and honest. Her voice soothes me right away and allows me to talk easily and freely.

  251. It was much more than I expected thank you! I’ll know to be more prepared next time (without guest coming) So informative and I have to call back for the rest! Thank you Jason.

  252. Luke always knows everything. He is always a joy to speak to! Take care Luke, will talk soon I am sure!

  253. Adrienne Johnson

    Katerena is awesome. She remembers everything, she is kind and lovely. The world needs people like her love her!

  254. Thank AnneMarie! It was a very positive reading and I hope things will pan out just as you predicted because I genuinely feel like there is a very special connection me and H have together 🙂 I will keep you update again.

  255. Jean Duplantis

    It was so nice talking to Zen. Lets see how predictions go. Too soon to tell but I’m hoping that it will be like others that came fruition.

  256. Danica Williams

    My Troy! I adore his wits and gifts. He is very gentle and you can feel his sincerity.

  257. It’s always a great pleasure speaking with AnneMarie. She always give me positive energy and I love that.

  258. Bryan, you’re always amazing and accurate with my life. I will definitely keep you posted.

  259. Heard the same things from another great advisor! Gina has been real all throughout.

  260. Cecilia, OMG! your predictions are happening. Thank you!

  261. I had a wonderful reading with Carol. Very accurate on my situation. I am looking forward to the final outcome.

  262. Jean is very nice and comforting. I will call her back.

  263. I bust into tears! Thank you, Chelsea. You give me strength to finally let go and start loving myself again.

  264. You are one of my favorites and I admire and appreciate you talents, Zylisaa. Here is to faith and the future. We will chat soon!

  265. Hi Samara! I am so bummed that we were disconnected! You were telling me about past life regression and I wanted to hear more. Thank you for the very insightful reading and you are so right on about everything. I feel blessed that I did finally get to talk to you. You really are fabulous. Love and hugs!

  266. Rianna Wedmedyk

    Robin was very insightful into my situation and the questions that I had. She helped me to see my situation in a different way and how to deal with it.

  267. Gabrielle, may God blessed you more with more gifts to help people. Thank you so much.

  268. Thank you, Sandra. You’re always right on! I hope it all works out as you say.

  269. I love you Robin and wishing you and your family a beautiful vacation. Stay gifted!

  270. Such a great reading! Amber, you are my logic. Thank you for pointing out things for me. You really helped me a lot and will continue to have as my advisor.

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