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Psychics Quality87
Customer Satisfaction91
Affordability and Pricing82
Website Functionality83
Reader Rating3 Votes91
Real time ratings and reviews for each psychic
Clairvoyants and tarot card readers also available
Psychics are available 24/7
Phone and online readings available
Affordable rates
One free minute with any psychic for every call
Readings are for entertainment purposes, and results may vary
There may be wait times
There are fewer psychics on this network due to strict hiring requirements

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    Thanks for all of your wonderful insights and help!!

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    Thanks for all of your wonderful insights and help!!

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    Wonderful psychic with practical advice.thank you Harper

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    Aldwyn, thank you for a wonderful reading! It was great and I look forward to the future! Xoxo

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    Lucas , your amazing like always and you know how I feel and my situation. You always have the right words to say. Your so full of love and peace. Your honesty and comprehension means alot to me. Your my number 1 in my heart. Your not judgemental. Thank you for being there when I need to talk to love you and have an awesome day.

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    Portia, thank you for a wonderful reading! It was great and I look forward to the future! Xoxo

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    RainbowLove thank you…. you have been great predictions have happened he reached out today and told me he misses me…

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    “Thulla, thank you for listening. It’s a pleasure in conversing with you and
    your insights are welecome.”

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    Love my Thulla!!

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    ” Portia thank you again for being there for me!! Means so much to me at
    this time!”

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    “MysticSage is really quick, she’s got tremendous compassion and
    integrity, and she has a really clear view of what’s really going on.
    I appreciate her straightforward style, and she’s got a great sense
    of humor, as well. At her per-minute rate, her skills are a bargain.”

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    “I can’t say enough about MysticTopas’s capacity as a reader.
    She’s very insightful, she’s straightforward while being
    deeply compassionate, she’s got bulletproof integrity, and
    she can see the larger context in which people can grow
    emotionally & spiritually from the particular conundrum
    they’re facing. I called her for a weather report on a
    friend who hit a rough patch this last weekend (this
    Jupiter/Uranus conjunction or whatever is making all my
    friends lose their sh*t), and she gave me what I asked for
    plus a couple of gems that put me more-at-ease. And her
    skillset is a bargain at her usual rate…”

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    “Aldwyn thank you as always! It was good to hear your voice again after my

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    She amasses me every time about what she picks up from me and what I’m feeling before even telling her. Trust!!

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    Jennifer Castor

    It was a treat to call LadyLight. She really helped me see through my chaos and gave clarity on the thing that was bothering me. She knew right away what was troubling me without me having to give her a lot of info which came as a surprise to me. I would love to get another reading soon from her.

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    I did not have time to say thank you!! This reading was awesome bc, not only did she totally nail the people involved, Bella was able to really help me understand the effect someone was having on me and I didn’t even realize it…Her insight was great.

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    Georgina Lewis

    Always amazingly reassuring! This spiritual journey has pushed me to the breaking point many times over this past year, but he always brings me back to where I need to be! Putting predictions and similar things aside, Seer2020 is a truly gifted teacher, healer, and beautiful soul with a heart of gold!

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    MissTula is really amazing!!! You will feel the connection and you were like talking to your best friend! She will tell you everything even though you haven’t ask any questions yet. Everything she told me about me is really true. And he described my boyfriend exactly what kind of a person he is. I will wait and see soon if everything gonna happen. And will definitely chat or call with MissTula again. Thank you very much MissTula! God bless!

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    Catalina, this is Jessica. You gave me a reading about my coworker the other day and I can’t thank you enough. Your reading was so accurate and insightful, it just puts peace to my mind. God bless you.

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    Honestly I don’t know what I would do without Prema’s healing and support. Anytime I need peace and healing, I reach out to her. She sees things that are in my best interest and always says things in a honest and loving way. She is very nurturing. At the end of the day, it’s about our journey and self love. Thank you as always! xo

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    There’s only one TrueWisom. What an intuitive, caring and unique woman.

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    Thank you! Jaya’s reading about my situation immediately resonated with me. You’ll be my go to adviser from now on.

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    I was told that I should wait for Nicola and now I know why….blessings… knew about the Karma, but didn’t dwell on the negative….gave me a picture of what I have accomplished! I needed that! Thanks.

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    Always enjoy our readings. Thanks for the advice. She is always a pleasure to talk to.

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    Cyndi was nice and did pick up on some things . Just incredible. She is my favorite. She is a must-read.

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    Missj is amazing! Truly gifted. Unfortunately ran out of funds and our reading was cut short. Will be back soon. Thank you, Kim from my heart.

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    Prediction and timing came to pass TarotBae. Thank you. Will call you. Thank you.

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    TarotBae has been my rock of gibralter. I have approached her in times of frustration, fear and disbelief and she has unfailingly been patient and calming to me and very accurate and detailed in her readings. All that she has seen for me has turned out true and one event is taking time as she has been saying all along. TarotBae, thanks a million for your patience, honesty and generosity. i am very glad to know a lovely human being like you.

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    Prema is amazing as always! I truly sense that she cares, and we always pick up where we leave off. She is an amazing reader and I count on her for her guidance and the information coming through:) Thank you for always being in my corner!

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    “Really good reading..Suzanna was very kind compassionate and picked up a lot!! I hope her predictions come to pass because they were good. Quick connection, sees auras too.”

  31. Avatar

    It was a good call with LadyLight. Was looking for specific answers, told me things I know already. Will call again.

  32. Avatar

    She gave me good information about what I have been going through and what I need to focus on. I can really lean on you MysticTopaz.

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    I’m reviewing my reading about a week later. WOW. The seemingly impossible turnaround just happened yesterday. It’s been eye opening to say the least. Even though it was predicted, I didn’t see it coming to pass. Now just waiting for the rest to unfold in the next month or so. Amazing Rasharlon!

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    His reading of the cards are very good. He explains them to the t. Out of all of the psychics I’ve had a reading with, which is a lot, his prediction are the most accurate. Im waiting for one now and hopefully it will happen. Thank you Valentine. I highly recommend him. He is also very very kind.

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    I love love love love talking with him! He is accurate and to the point! I didn’t have to give any info. Just my name and my mates name. I’m so happy about my reading! Thank you so much Seer2020!!

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    She was awesome and straight to the point. Very concise with her predictions. I will definitely call Robin back!

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    I’ve been using this service for over a year now and this is the first psychic I connected with. She gave me so much reassurance and a lot to take away. I will be doing the things Fiona said in order to help my relationship. I’m beyond grateful.

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    Absolutely love this advisor!! Robin gave me the light that i am looking for.

  39. Avatar

    Today, I had another chat reading with Fiona and she was right again regarding a future project that I was thinking about starting. I gave her no prior information and she was spot on.

  40. Avatar

    It will be a little bit before I know if anything she said will happen does but she was right on with some of the stuff she told me. Many of the things Fiona said about me were right on and I didn’t say anything to lead her on or give her hints. I really like Fiona and hope to use her again in the future.

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    This was my first time reading with Annmarie. She was very sweet and made a prediction about a guy I would meet and when I would meet him — and the reading was full on details which is good. Not a waste of time.

  42. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the positive energy! I will recommend Jenny, she is very accurate.

  43. Avatar
    Christine Wells

    Thank you so much for the positive energy! I will recommend Alia. She is very accurate.

  44. Avatar

    As always, Annmarie calms me down. She is the best!!!

  45. Avatar

    Doreen is truly amazing. She senses things immediately and she has been right on her predictions. Her guidance has been absolutely incredible and I have certainly found a lot more peace. She also allowed me to bring positivity into my life. I highly recommend Doreen.

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    Michelle Krueger

    I’d really like to thank you Gigi. Amazing reading by an amazing spirit! So much insight and guidance. I love your energy too 🙂 I feel revitalized, confident and more knowledgeable after our chats I will be back:)

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    Blanche Keller

    Hunter is amazing. Hunter picks up on energies immediately. I keep coming back to her for clarity on some issues. She has never wavered in her readings at all! Completely amazing.

  48. Avatar

    Subrina is remarkable!!! Prediction came true. She said I would get the internship. And A week later I did!!! She’s always spot on!!!!! Thanks!!

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    Alexandra Wood

    This is the third day in a row that I have turned to MysticTopaz for advice. She has been so understanding and patient with me as I sort out my issues. I have received great advice and coping mechanisms from this wonderful lady. My hope is to speak with her “live” one of these days so I can get more time for my questions.

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    Gretchen Barclay

    I have new hope for the future thanks to Robin! I am truly thankful that I found her and wants everyone to know what a lovely and gifted person she is. Thanks :)=

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    Melissa always shows so much love for me. She is the best. 100% accurate and what she predicted came to fruition.

  52. Avatar

    Loved her style; felt like I was talking to a good friend– Jenny’s realistic, optimistic, consistent with other top readers

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    Fiona is one of my favs. She will help you at your lowest, take you out of it and guide you for Sure.

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    Julia, when I speak with you it is so uplifting.. my kitties are doing well they bring me a lot joy. I hope you are right in meeting a new love in my life.. I really look forward to having companionship and love again. Julia, you always have my best interest at heart though you have never met me.. but thank you so much for your reading and I will keep you posted in the future about meeting a new love. Thank you.

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