Psychic Flame Readings

Psychic Flame Readings

People often ask me what flame psychic readings are, if they’re difficult, and how they differ from or are better than a more conventional psychic reading. The answers are far more simple than you may think!

Psychic Flame ReadingsWhen camping with friends or family, or after a solo hike in the woods, the first thing most people do is to light a campfire. It’s also comforting to quietly sit in front of a fireplace in your own home. The warmth of fire is soothing, and the light protects you from any unknowns that may be lurking just beyond your line of sight. The flames are mesmerizing, almost hypnotizing. You can look into the flames, gaze at the complicated, crackling ballet of heat and light and see shapes, places, and faces. Sensible solutions to your problems can even come to you while you watch a fire. You almost get a sense of self-hypnosis.

These things happen because when you meditate, you open yourself up to all of the elements. You’re reaching out to connect with things that are as old as the universe itself. And the fire, in turn, is reaching out to you. The shapes, the movement, the dancing flames, even the crackles are all enticing to us. They beckon to us for our attention. Without us, the fire would weaken and die. We can give life to the fire, manifest it to life. In return, fire is able to reach out to the universe and return amazing results to us.

Just like crystals, flames are amplifiers. They expose and enhance our psychic senses, they touch our soul, and they make us feel warmth both on our insides and our outsides. Flames make us feel safe. Flames come straight from the elements. They’ve existed since the beginning of time. Fire possesses more knowledge than we do. It subconsciously assures us how and why things will turn out okay.

Psychic Flame ReadingsFor many thousands of years, psychics have used flames to visualize the past, the present, and the future. Psychics have used information from flame readings to warn people of impending disease, war, famine, and disastrous weather. Great leaders through history have sent representatives over vast distances to connect with psychics and oracles who used fire to make predictions. Some of those predictions from ancient Greece, Egypt, China, North America, and other places all over the world are still discussed to this day.

Of course, psychics don’t set their homes or offices on fire every time a client requests a flame reading. When reading at my home, I like to light a comforting fire in my fireplace. When it’s too warm to do that, I’ll light candles instead. When the flames are burning, I meditate on them, reach out, and connect with elemental fire. I give life to my questions as well as to the fire. The flames dance and accurately begin showing me things.

I don’t recommend that you try flame readings or meditation with fire if you haven’t already done them before. You can fall too deeply into a trance with catastrophic results. You may knock your candle off the table, or topple into your fireplace!

I haven’t had formal training related to flame readings. However, I’ve consulted with mentors including a pharaoh, shamans, Native American elders, men and women of the cloth, and witches at various stages in the hierarchy. I’ve never met anybody who reads flames as often as I do. Then again, I’ve never done a reading with tea leaves, but I respect they can be quite accurate.

Flames are as old and as wise as the universe itself. Using flames in my readings connects me not with the just spiritual realm, but with the universe as a whole. Flame readings allow me to reach different depths of the people I read for. This allows us to know that we each learned about the universe and how it works. We both became a little smarter, a little wiser, and at least one step closer to our destiny that lies ahead.