Looking at Your Midheaven Birth Chart

Midheaven Birth Chart

You can use the Midheaven chart to understand your job, relationship, status, reputation or more. This is also called a Medium Coeli. This is the influence in your life, and this is where you can look at the world and see how the world sees you.

The Medium Coeli is one of the most important things that your birth chart can help you to understand. When you can look at your Midheaven chart, you can learn to know what you are good at and know your strengths and your weaknesses. You can have energy and find your purpose, especially if you feel that you are falling apart.

You can use this birth chart to look at your Zodiac sign and to know what your birth chart holds in regard to your job and the reputation that you have.


When you can learn to understand your Midheaven chart, you can understand what kind of job you should go after and what kind of talents and giftings that you have.

Aries in Midheaven

If you are an Aries, you need to know that you should be in a job that is not repetitive. You will need to be somewhere you can express your ideas and where you can be in control. You will be determined and will want to grow and so you might want to have your own business.

Some great jobs for this sign are writers, lawyers, doctors, athletes, and firefighters.

Taurus in Midheaven

This is a sign that needs to have a job that is slow and where you can put yourself into your projects. You will want to work hard and be in a good direction where you will be able to use your talents and to choose a career that keeps you from being lazy or bored.

Some great jobs can be designers, teachers, or managers.

Gemini in Midheaven

This is a sign where you should be where you can express yourself and be challenged in your mind. You will make a good messenger and you will see things from different points of view.

Some great careers could be teaching, advertising, and acting.

Cancer in Midheaven

The Cancer would need a job that allows you to use your instinct to help others to feel better and make good decisions. You will be able to read emotions well and so you might find yourself counseling others.

Some good careers can be medicine or social work.

Leo in Midheaven

The Leo likes to be determined and has a good personality where it draws people to them. If you are a Leo, you will have courage and you will be able to meet new people.

Some careers can be motivational speakers, actors, and politicians.

Virgo in Midheaven

The Virgo will want to reach their goals and they look at the details in any career. You will be one that is hard on yourself and someone that needs to have some rest.

A great job can be a psychologist or a musician.

Scorpio in Midheaven

The Scorpio will want to go places that others will not want to. They are complex and mysterious and will want to find the truth in things no matter how hard it is.

A good job could be a psychologist or a forensic worker.

Sagittarius in Midheaven

This sign can be someone that likes to see different cultures and to travel. They will learn from others and will want to know new things and experience new things.

Some great jobs can be a flight attendant and a travel agent.

Capricorn in Midheaven

This sign can be one that works with professionals and one that is organized and wants to have a plan. They will have a career path where they can find their identity and devote time to their job.

No matter what job the Capricorn picks, they will be successful and can be things such as bankers or architects.

Aquarius in Midheaven

This is a person that would like to be in a career for a short amount of time and someone that does their best to be supportive and to care about each other.

A great job would be a humanitarian and an astrologer.

Pisces in Midheaven

This is a person that would love to have imagination ideas and one that would like to be in their own pace. They are passionate in what they do.

This is someone that would love arts or music and film.