Finding Love and Joy When You Don’t Expect It

Finding Love

There are different things that you can do in your life to find joy. Maybe you are someone that never liked sports before but going to a ball game can still bring you joy.

Go with It

As you go to the ballgame, you might find that you have business that you need to take care of, but you cannot get a signal to use your phone. Instead of letting it stress you, learn to just let things go.

Think about your spiritual guides and the teachers that have taught you along your life. As that happens, you will see that you can find and do what you need without being able to get a signal. Your guides will lead you to the right place and will help you to take care of things.

As you go to the game, look at how the kids look at the teams and how much information that they have to make the game more exciting for themselves.

You might become excited about the players and the stories that they each have. Remember that every story is different. You might find that you will look at them differently, not by how they play but by how they react to things.

You can look at the different food vendors, the players, the crowd and all of the people and activities that are happening around you and see how exciting the games might really be.

Even if the games seem slow to you and if they are longer than you would normally stay at a place, remember that this is something that can be very exciting for others that are there. Look at the game through the eyes of the kids or through the eyes of the sport fan.

Finding Happiness

Let your life be happy no matter what is going on. Let go of things that scare you and learn to use your own mind to make your life joyful. Embrace things that are around you and learn to live your best life yet.

Let go of things that you are afraid of and don’t let things hold you back. Open your life up to new things that you never thought that you would like. Let your happiness be your choice and go with it.

Joy in the Now

Spend time with people that you love to be with. No matter what you are doing from ball games to just sitting around playing games should be a fun time for you. Find things to do that bring you pleasure and remember the pleasure of other people as they come in and out of your life.

Invite people that you love to your home, invite your family and your friends, and open up your home to people that you enjoy being around.

Find the joy in small things and let your energy be happy. This can make others happy, and you can be an example to everyone you meet.

Children are the ones that help you to learn that life is great. Look at how they respond to things and learn from them. Try these things to let your inner child come out:

  • Find new things to do. Do activities that let you go outside such as go to a ballgame or go camping.
  • Do not be afraid to get dirty. Play in the dirt, go swimming, do whatever it takes and don’t worry about how you look.
  • Find things that are fun and that you can laugh at. People will laugh with you, and they will feel better.
  • Let go of things that stress you or worry you. Don’t worry about things that might not happen.
  • Find things that are exciting and wonder about them. Think about how the children look at things and try to see them from that point of view.


Spend time with children and let them teach you to be happy. Find the beauty in things around you and let joy fill your life. Whatever is going on, go with it and see how it can make you feel better about what is going on around you.