Feelings and Emotions of Your Twin Flame

Emotions of Your Twin Flame

Twin flames have a strong connection with each other, and this connection comes from their energies. One way that this is shown is through their gifts of telepathy. This is a huge part of connecting with each other and when there is a mental connection, it can happen over and over again.

The chakras in your body are open and connected when you reach your twin flame connection, and this can be very strong. It can be so strong that nothing can get in the way of it. If you are in the chase stage of your twin flame, it is important right now not to be chasing anyone. When you do this, it leads to the twin running. Give them time to come back to you and let them be able to sort things out before they come back.

Feeling Your Twin Flame

You will be able to sense your twin flame. When this happens, chances are that they will call you. They have a soul connection with you, and this is part of the relationship.

Things You Might Ask Yourself

Here are some things you might ask yourself during this connection:

  • Am I crazy?
  • Am I obsessed?
  • Why do I always think about them?
  • Is this a fairy tale?

The answer to all of these questions is no. This is really happening to you, and you aren’t experiencing any kind of mental illness.

How Are Twin Flames Connected?

Twin flame are connected through the mind, body, and soul. They are people that are connected to the soul which was separated before incarnation.

Since the soul is from different dimensions, one twin can be in one dimension and one another and you can still be connected. This isn’t a physical connection of course but a mental or a soul connection.

Twin flames have the same chakra system, and this means that they often have the same emotions and feelings. This can be a feeling that is strong, and it can allow you to feel what the twin is feeling. Sometimes you know what is going on with your twin flame and sometimes you will even have the same thoughts.

Once you are with your twin flame in all levels, body, soul, spirit, mental and more, you will see that you can live together as a unified being.

Surrender Stage

The surrender stage is the hardest stage. It can cause intense emotions, separation, and other things. This is a time of awakening, and it can cause there to be a lack of peace.

When nothing seems to fix the relationship, surrendering is the only thing that is left to do. You can go to them and forgive them, but you will experience strong emotions that leave you feeling helpless and even crazy. It can be a hard time that is painful, and you might even feel that the universe is against you.

Logic and Works

No matter what you do during this time, nothing will work to make things easy. You have to have grace and mercy for your twin flame and release them.

What Does Letting Go Mean?

Once you let go of your twin flame, this is what happens:

  • You stop expecting things to happen at a certain time.
  • You don’t put conditions on the relationship.
  • You stop thinking.
  • You stop checking yourself for what is wrong.
  • You stop looking at their social media.
  • You get no resistance.
  • You bring healing to yourself.
  • You find your purpose.

Universal Law

Your twin flame will eventually come back to you, and it will activate the Dark Night of the Soul. This will be the time of surrender, and this will also activate your own Dark Night of the Soul.

Once you have healed from this, you will come back together with your twin, and you will be healed forever.

Letting Go of the Ego

Sometimes your twin flame will hold on to the ego forever. This will be a time of expectations and beliefs but sometimes the ego lasts through lifetimes. When your twin flame comes back to you, you will have power in the universe, and you will be able to manifest abundance in your life. You will see that you have your purpose and that you are successful as well as your twin flame.


  1. The article presents a very spiritual interpretation of twin flame relationships, emphasizing the importance of the mind, body, and soul connection. While the idea of telepathy and shared chakras is compelling, a discussion on how this integrates with contemporary understandings of psychology and human relationships would be useful.

  2. The notion that twin flames share the same chakra system and can feel each other’s emotions is quite profound. It suggests a level of interconnectedness that goes beyond ordinary relationships. More detailed explanations on how these connections manifest in everyday life would be insightful.

  3. The article provides an interesting perspective on the concept of twin flames and their deep connections. The emphasis on telepathy and shared chakras is particularly intriguing. It would be beneficial to see more scientific research backing these claims to understand their validity comprehensively.

  4. This article outlines the emotional challenges and stages involved in twin flame relationships clearly. The idea of surrender and letting go to achieve ultimate union is compelling. However, it raises questions about the psychological impacts of such intense relationships.

  5. The concept of twin flames existing in different dimensions yet remaining connected is a fascinating topic. It aligns with some metaphysical theories but requires more empirical evidence to be fully convincing. The stages described, especially the ‘surrender stage’, are thought-provoking.


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