Attracting Your Soulmate

Attracting Your Soulmate

Some people feel that it is hard and takes too much work to find their soulmate.  They will go through life and do whatever it takes to find a partner.  They will go on dating sites, date many people, try to meet up with people and go through different ways to find out if they have found the one.

You have a soulmate that is part of you, and you will meet them.

Here are some ways to attract them into your life:


When you are full of happiness, you will attract people.  We tend to go to people that laugh and have fun.  This brings up the vibrations and will attract who you want.  No one wants to be in a relationship that is unhealthy.  Find someone fantastic by being happy.


One of the worst things is to be dishonest with your partner.  If you want to be with someone, be honest.  You cannot find your soulmate if you are not truthful and honest with who you are.  Do not lie and find someone that you don’t want to live without.


When your soulmate is coming, you cannot be with someone else.  You have to have an empty place for them to feel.  You don’t have to be alone forever, but the universe cannot bring your soulmate if you are with someone you know you aren’t meant to be with.  Let them go.


Use your mind to imagine what kind of partner you want.  This can attract your soulmate and help bring them to you.  Make sure you are clear with your intentions.  Write them down and be clear on what you want in your life.

Past Hurts

Make sure that you are getting rid of your past hurts.  You cannot get into a new relationship when you have old wounds.  You cannot feel love if you are unforgiving or hung up on someone else.  Get rid of your regrets and your unforgiveness and be happy in your life.  Attract who you want to be with and be that person too.


Learn to have fun.  Find a hobby, take an exercise class.  Do something that makes you happy and not lonely.  Learn to entertain yourself and be creative.


You have to forgive yourself of the times you have messed up.  This will set you free and will help you to let go of past hurts.  Forgiving makes room for love.

Make Room

You have to make room for your soulmate.  Clear out places in your bedroom for their clothes and prepare your house for them to come.  Get rid of things that are physically and mentally holding back your soulmate.  Open up a room for someone else and wait for them.


Your relationships are never going to be the same and you have to let go of the idea that they will be.  Expectations in love can end up being hurtful and controlling.  You cannot have perfection, no one is perfect.  You have to attract who you are and when you are more loving, you will attract that.  You don’t be disappointed if you don’t have expectations.

Gut Feeling

Listen to your gut feeling and know when it is telling you to do something.  Your intuition is your highest good and will lead you the right way.  When you meet someone, listen to what your gut is telling you and see if they are the right person for you.


Love is hopefulness and grace.  When you love someone then you will respect them.  If they love you they will respect you.  You cannot love someone and lust for someone else and vice versa.  You have to settle for what you deserve, and you have to learn to be appreciated.  You deserve to be accepted by someone and this will start with how you see yourself.