8 Signs Your Relationship Has Hit the Comfort Zone


imagesGetting comfortable with your guy is a sure sign that you’re more secure about how he feels about you and signifies you’ve become good friends as well as lovers. But it’s possible to be too comfortable, which could be dangerous to your relationship. Wondering if you’re crossing the line? Here are 8 signs you might be.

 Pajama Dates

If your idea of a fun date on a Friday night is sitting in front of the TV with your love in your pajamas, you’d be right! But if this is your idea of a fun date, every date night, you are too comfortable in your relationship. Staying in can be cozy and romantic, but don’t forget to take your partner out once in a while. Trying new and exciting things together strengthens your bond.

Feeling Secure and Stable

Stability may sound like a good thing in your relationships, but according to professor and author, Dan Ariely, there is such a thing as an illusion of stability. Let’s be honest—we all have limits when it comes to certain things, so imagine your relationship as being completely stable could one day cost you your relationship. It is actually better to think of your relationship as a constant work in progress. This will help keep you on our toes, illicit curiosity, give you the incentive to be creative with your love language and remind you that love is not a prize, but a gift that can be taken away if you are undeserving.

The Loss of Romance

Lack-of-RomanceEarly on in a relationship, men and women are usually equally happy. But as time goes on and couples become more and more comfortable with each other, a woman’s happiness begins to plunder while a man’s happiness remains pretty much the same. Researchers suggest that a lack of romance could have something to do with it, and here’s why: Women are the nurturers in most relationships—they care for their partner’s health, set appointments and organize many of the things they and their partner do together. In return, most women have one very important request, and that is to be nurtured in return, which in her language means a little romance. When relationships get comfortable, men tend to dial down the romance. Instead, they should continue to date their partners, no matter how long they’ve been together.

Sex Is No Longer a Priority

In comfortable romantic relationships, sex gets de-prioritized.  If you’ve been with someone long enough, you may think you’ve done it every way possible, but the truth is, you haven’t. It’s a good thing women rarely cheat, because not having their sexual needs fulfilled is probably justification enough. Your life is full of priorities and responsibilities, and sex with your partner should be one of them. Schedule sex if you have to! Having regular sex will make you want it more. Eventually, it will be something that just happens again.

downloadPoor Table Manners

Do you have a partner who eats loudly or with their mouth open? Do they slurp and chomp to their heart’s content? Poor table manners can be a real turnoff, but they’re something people in comfortable relationships are often guilty of. Burping and passing gas at the table are also not acceptable behaviors. Pretend you’re having dinner in a fancy restaurant and act as if you were surrounded by other diners.


Letting Go

This isn’t about body-shaming! Your partner should love you just the way you are. However, if when you met you were running marathons and taking pride in your personal appearance, but now you barely shower and have gained a ridiculous amount of weight due to just not caring, you’re too comfortable in your relationship. You and your love should be happy and healthy for yourselves and each other. Good health is always a worthy long-term goal, no matter how comfortable you are.

Not Giving Each Other Gifts

Every birthday and anniversary is important, no matter how long you’ve been together. So make these days special. Get your partner something they’d like, that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship and that’s creative. Thoughtful gifts are the best gifts and giving them will benefit your relationship in the long run.

man-snoring-in-bed-350Poor Sleep Habits

Fidgeting in bed, passing gas, snoring or clipping your toenails? These are all inconsiderate acts people in comfortable relationships engage in.Wondering what it’s doing to your partner? It’s definitely ruining the quality of their sleep. And a lack of sleep makes a person grumpy and causes them to be more selfish in relationships. Take steps to improve your sleep hygiene and curb your snoring. Your partner will be happier and healthier for it.