3 Things Your Angels Telling You with 444

Your Angels Telling You with 444

Is the number 444 appearing a lot in your life? Do you see it in phone numbers or on addresses or maybe when you look at a clock? If so, your angels may be trying to get a message to you.

The number 444 is considered to be an angelic number. It is a comforting number because its general message is that you are on the right path. However, there are three other messages your angels may be trying to tell you with the number 444.

Angels Have Gifts for You

People tend to associate angels with protection but not with giving. However, angels love to give the people they serve gifts.  They do it a lot too by giving us innovative ideas, hope, and things that show us, unconditional love.

Seeing the number 444 regularly means you are spiritually ready to receive angelic gifts and help. They want to do more and are signaling that all you need to do is tune in to them and pay attention for them to help you.

The Tide Is Turning

The 444 number can show you than obstacles are ready to be pushed out of the way and things are about to go in the right direction for you. Your angels are telling you that you are making the right decisions and that you should keep going. This could mean any number of decisions in your life from starting a business to starting a family. Your angels can even help you decide on a new home or decisions regarding home renovations or a trip.

Developing a Higher Awareness

Most spiritualists believe people naturally move upward from the third dimension into the fourth dimension and eventually up to the fifth dimension. Seeing the number 444 is a signal to you that you are progressing to the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is where you let go of old ways of doing things and become at peace with yourself and the universe with a heightened respect for all life. Those who remain stuck in the third dimension are those who hang onto fear, power, control, and materialism. These things hold you back from your true self.

The rate of progression is different for everyone, but seeing 444 repetitively shows that you are changing internally and the spiritual world is acknowledging that.