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Stop Being Treated as a Doormat

Are you a DOORMAT? Let’s hope not! I’ll admit, I used to have doormat-like tendencies before I started my healing and recovery journey. Today, I can say, I am learning how NOT to be a doormat in every area of my life. A doormat is a tool; a rug that …

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Are You The More Sensitive One in the Relationship?

Let’s be honest: relationships are complex, no matter what kind of personality you have. And some truths are universal, like fighting is never fun. Romantic gestures are usually appreciated. Communication is definitely valued. Compromise isn’t always easy. But a lot of these nuances are only heightened if you’re of a …

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What Does Your Lingerie Say About You and Love

The signature of a truly fabulous woman is her lingerie drawer. Everyone can dress up to the nines, but it’s what lies beneath that counts. Yes, it’s true – your lingerie says a lot about you!  What’s your wonder(bra)ful personality type? We’ll tell you. Designer Lingerie When you buy by …

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How to Overcome Your Neediness

A lot of us go through life feeling needy of affection, approval and attention from others. This causes us to focus on the “outside” while disconnecting with our inner space of being. Neediness always arises from lack based thinking and a self-critical mindset. People who are self-critical are usually always …

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8 Signs You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship

I know what you’re thinking right now. “Of course, I’m ready for a relationship. It’s what I’ve been waiting so long for! I just need to know how I can get one started!” Well, I’m certainly not arguing that you want a real relationship. I’m asking if you’re ready for …

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