Friday , October 20 2017
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    They have 5 min free minutes one time deal for clients but you have to make a big money deposit t get it or pre authorized your credit card with them.

    They might have some ok psychics, but it is so hard to find and connect to them.


    Unwarranted Predictions: The worst disappointment that most clients have received from Asknow psychics is unwarranted predictions. Well, I guess giving inaccurate readings is what they know best. So far, a very large number of people who had placed full trust in Asknow readings, got nothing short of disappointments.

    Very Expensive for Clients and What we heard they pay very little to their psychics.

    No Refunds For Failed Readings: The least that any psychic can do is to give a refund following a futile prediction. That way, clients will not feel cheated. Asknow has a very bad history of not giving refunds to clients whose readings never came to pass.

    An Unprofessional Site: Asknow should have at least channeled some efforts in creating a user-friendly site, but NO. The kind of site that Asknow Prides itself for is simply pathetic. It may have a lot of details in it, but the fact that it is disorganized ruins everything.

    Poor Customer Support: here are a number of things that make customer support in a certain company best. Among these things are accountability, communication skills, high speed of response, and accuracy. Asknow is nowhere close to the mentioned traits, let alone many more. What does that tell you? It simply implies that there is nothing to appreciate about the customer support at Asknow Psychic.

    Unpermitted Credit Card Deductions: Now this is the limit. Which person in his/her right mind can make deductions on another person’s credit card without consent? Isn’t this the height of insensitivity? Once you opt for Asknow, then you will have subjected yourself to a brutal experience of occasional deductions on your credit card. The worst part is that you will not be informed prior to the deductions